Apr. 27th, 2011

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I believe my notifications are finally behaving \o/ Turned them off and on again, and all appears to be right~

A belated Happy Easter to everyone :D My sister and I made baskets for everyone, had two bell performances in the morning (we were at church from 7:30 to 12:30 o__o), and then went to brunch with the extended family. My mom's twin brother got married the weekend before (what I forgot about in my last post, I think), so I now officially have a new aunt ♥

Monday we had our first rehearsal for an itty bitty clarinet choir (currently a quartet, but I've been talking to some clarinet friends to see if they want to join), and we're playing a ~mystery piece~ by Stamitz. It's a 1940 print date and has a fair amount of typographical errors (the third part is missing a pick-up note, third and bass are missing a grand pause, and there are disagreements between all the parts in regards to a few ritards and rallantandos)... and completely lacks its title/number. The publisher just labeled it 'Andante' XD Overall nice piece, however, and fun to play. I'm also contemplating working on a Gershwin piece, but I need to buff up my skills on an E-flat soprano :/ I'm not sure my embouchure's up to snuff (certainly not for the strength 4 reeds I currently have for it - I'll have to sand them down).

Hm. And then there was work. Stressful, because we had to deal with someone who was stuffing her purse with sugar packets :/ Literally emptying out all the bins. She saw nothing wrong with it, because she buys a coffee every day. Um, what?

a few photos under here )

Also, I started Black on Monday. My character's name is Tacnayn, and I named my oshawott 'wat.' I laughed over Professor Juniper saying, "wat is its name. That is such a great name!" for far too long. \o/

Now... going to go try again for umbreon on pokemon.com ;__; this game and I don't agree.


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