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so. I am now mostly freaking out every time I look at anything with an internet browser because I think of LAPRAS. this month has been a crazy time for special finds and wins for me, it's just... amazing. I can't really capture the way I feel right now in words - a weird mixture of elation and anxiety (borderline freaking out, haha). I still don't feel like grail is the right word for Lapras, either, since it's not like I was out there hunting her down... I just looked in the right place at the right time, and things worked out perfectly. I always assumed it was just one of those things I'd never own, and just see in someone else's collection, you know? (maybe not in a collection on the comm, but I like to imagine the mystery photo Lapras is part of someone's collection and not something that got worn out and thrown away. that makes Caryn sad :c)

anyway, after taking my mom to not-chemo, I went a little crazy organizing my closet, beneath my bed, shelves, etc. I've got a full bag to take to Goodwill, and filled another with things to be recycled/thrown away. I even managed to get some stuff photographed to put up in a sales post and out of my room, though I don't want to do it all at once and overwhelm myself with packages to ship (not right before Christmas, anyway). hnnnnng. so much to do to prepare my body room for a giant.

there will be picspam. so much picspam.
I want to stack so many things on Lapras omg. whales, pokedolls, floons and fireponies...
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after completing my first repaint (shiny Omastar ♥), I'm pretty confident in my capability to do a few more repaints ^^

To Paint:

  • glow-in-the-dark shiny Stantler

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Stantler

  • red Drifloon kid

  • shiny Drifloon kid

  • shiny Drifblim TOMY

  • shiny Ponyta TOMY (Rapidash, too, if I find one more spare)

  • shiny Rapidash kid (one of the Bounce attack ones ♥)

and I need to do a minor paint repair on one of my clear Drifloon kids, as a tiny bit of paint on one of his arms was missing (factory error or something, since he came sealed). I'll also be painting a custom mini-backpack for myself and my sister ^^ Mine will likely have Rapidash and Drifloon, while hers will have Weezing (any others are pending, since she hasn't decided).


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