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sooooo I got sniped on the hasbro fire pony set, but it's partially my fault =o= I was just too tired to stay up and watch the auction until the end, and I had a bell performance this morning so sleep had to be a priority.

on the bright side, I'm getting a ps3 and uncharted 3 for christmas. anyone have other game recommendations? I was already recommended shadow of the colossus, plan to get war in the north (mostly because I'm a lotr nerd. not sure if the game will be to my liking...), and I want to preorder the last guardian.
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probably won't happen

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so all the photos I took at the tour came out blurry courtesy of my temperamental camera :< oh well, I had lots of fun with everyone and clocked ~10k steps each day on my pokewalker (roughly 20k steps per day, since I keep my pokewalker on one of my shoes). I'd take photos of my gets, but the light's not good now and I was too tired yesterday when I got home XD; still tired now.

I'm so glad I got what I wanted (yay plush and charm!) and that people were able to grab some freebies from me :3 such a funtastic weekend!

ahaha, and my sister is playing Everyone's A Little Bit Racist on our piano right now. later tonight we're going to go flamingo someone's lawn. yeah, that's right. flamingo someone's lawn.
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So I have 75% of my Christmas things sent out/thrown at people from cars, and I went to go take the rest of the packages to the post office today. Wound up turning around because there were COPS CARS EVERYWHERE and the PO's right next to gang central |D Haha, and I live like 2 minutes away from there so that's cool. HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE.

I also got my Noppin packages of joy and joyness \o/ Random lot of awesome stuff in there along with GA plush (HOLY CRAP WHY DO THEY WEIGH SO MUCH. Ugh, have to go sort through them), Regice pokedoll figure, stampy-stamp-stampers (I like stampers :|), and keshimon! So many keshimon ;o;

Overall loot that I'm keeping from the random lot:
- Houndour/Houndoom zukan (have to fix Houndoom's peg), Mime Jr. zukan piece
- Heracross Magnet scene gashapon thing
- Charizard Pokedoll strap
- Mew, Lucario, and Mime Jr. metal charms
- Ponyta, Rapidash, and Vaporeon Pogs (from the Japanese Pokemon Master Trainer game?)
- stickerssssss
- Skitty coin purse
- maybe the Dragonite like zukan? I'm undecided, but either way I need to fix Dratini's peg
- Wobblers: Azuril, Spheal, Spinda

- Sudowoodo chibi stamper \o/
- Wooper and Cleffa light-up stampers. Cleffa is broken as heck, BUT WOOPER HAS PURPLE INK.
- Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Togepi, and Delibird 151 Johto stampers

- Holder
- Gold: two different pikas, moltres, articuno
- Silver: jigglypuff, charmander, dragonite, ghastly, dragonite, mew
List of extras up for grabs under the cut )

blah blah

Nov. 29th, 2010 05:02 pm
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failing at life. yay! \o/

apparently, when I read comments on my huge monitor, 'caseless lickitung' changes into 'dodrio stamper' asdlkfjashdflkj /COMPLETE BRAIN FAILURE

this also makes me notice there is no 'stupid' option for my moodtheme. I'll remedy that later.




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