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I was going to take a picture of my woobat display, but forgot |D I also realized that I started Black version too late and will have to beg for a Victini (the one on my White version is traded away orz). I did get my mystery egg, and Black version hatched a Pansage - since I used one in White, I just put him in the PC. My current team is wat the oshawott, Looker the patrat, cheese the lillipup, basement the purrloin, flint the pansear, and tumor the munna. I haven't let anyone evolve yet, nor decided who's going to be boxed to make room for 3.141 the pidove (did you know it won't let you use more than 4 digits in a row to nickname?).
Dream World was fun~ I brought home a female farfetch'd for Black, and... somethingorother on White. I'm more preoccupied with moving some of my dittos over on White version ♥ I won't be training anything for VGC this year, though, since I'm not going out of state to battle :c This leaves me unsure of what to start breeding.

on Vdex, I'm trying to decide what trainer sprite I want to upgrade to (currently on the default Kotone). I've been looking at Will, Karen, Winona, and Fantina (only because lolfloondress). I'm working on my crobat's beauty (tried the beauty contest yesterday when she had 15 stars, but it wasn't enough to win), and on getting my torterra to level 100 (less than a week away!). I'm up to 11 different berry types, and have almost 10 of everything but enigma (takes 48 hours to grow, and I'm only planting one at a time >>).

That's my current team - Keldeo was an event prize ♥ everyone else is leveling up (or getting happy in the case of cleffa). I'm not sure what's in the egg, but I can't wait to find out :3

back to collection stuff! somewhere in the mail, I have a ton of pokedoll merchandise and floons ;3; I've already got a shelf ready and waiting for it. also, I think I'm missing a total of five munna plush, and nearly all the figures. fail! I need the cushion, both mascots, pokecen plush, and maybe one more... did munna get released multiple times as a mascot (excluding ballchain and black thread loop)? hm. I also need the tomy, cell phone charm/straps, zukan (this is just being lazy), stamper, kid, and a tin that I saw once and didn't bid on :/ There's also the hair clips, headband, etc. from a promo a while back... and all the flats I don't want to think about. I've got a bunch of (planned) bills coming up for my car, though, so I can't go searching for them just yet. boooo.
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Always the inspiration, ~silverb. Another DD today ;3

also today, Avatar Special Edition in IMAX 3D \o/ ♥ I got such a bad headache/motion sickness, but it was totally worth it (orz yes, I get motion sick in movie theaters). I spent some time working on my IV breeding with Smeargle, which is probably only taking so long because I'm very slow at checking the IVs .__.; bleh.
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Well, the Saturday portion of the event has seen me with four darkrais on my Diamond cart ^_^ I reset Pearl a few times, if you can't tell.
Me and a few friends spent quite a few hours at TRU trading, mixing records, and chatting with a good number of other pokefans, and I added a few more monsters to my dex (yay for completing it before going through E4... which I'm still being lazy about). lv 100 munchlax was the strangest addition >>;

Rapidash/floon buying is on hold atm, since I'm in a bid war for a TLU signed concept art print, and unicorns come before pokemon. Had two promo cards that I really wanted sniped right before the auctions ended >< A ponyta Japanese e-reader promo, and the lapras promo that came before it, both NIP.

Leafeon kid came in today :D Now I've got him, Bonsly, and two blims. Ponyta kid is on the way, and now I need me some Umbreon and Lapras kids. Others, too, but i tihnk those are next on my hitlist.

Finally, I'm at a running total of 37 Piplups on my Diamond game, because I'm breeding for natures and egg moves, and around 16 Chimchars. 2 of each are reserved currently for a few friends, and I'm still hunting another egg/nature combo with a preference for female >>; will hopefully be making a post on [profile] pokewifito rehome these kids.


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