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so, SO busy all this weekend ;o; that holiday BOGO at Starbucks? we did double our normal business EVERY DAY \o/ and that's not including the free drinks. we sold so much stuff!
the only downside (sort of) was that I got called in thursday and had to stay late on friday/saturday... meaning I didn't get to ship all the packages I've got ready to go >< thankfully I shouldn't be held over tomorrow, and can get to the PO last-minute before thanksgiving.

speaking of turkey day! I'm off both thanksgiving and black friday for the first time in 4 years XD I don't mind working those days (no cooking stress, no shopping/traffic stress!), but other people volunteered. I'm looking forward to watching the madness on friday.

unpleasant things... apparently, I might be allergic to norfolk pines? I am in pain from allergies today, and the only thing I know for sure that changed is that we got a shipment of norfolk pines at safeway :/ my coworker, Jennifer, was on the verge of having an asthma attack this morning, because there were two placed right next to Starbucks. idk, I might just be getting the cold from hell.

our bell choirs at church are also short a few members each, so the ladies' and young adult choirs are going to be temporarily merging to perform at the children's mass on christmas eve. my sister and I went, "THANK GOD." we've both been playing 4 bells each, and the more complicated music just doesn't work with 4-in-hand - we change keys almost constantly in several pieces, and since I'm a 'newbie' to the technique, I can't always ring accurately (I'm playing medium size handbells in small hands - holding two in each hand hurts!). anyway, I'm really looking forward to it, despite the fact that we're not playing a few of my favorites. I do get to play "I Heard The Bells" and I get to play BIG bells on one of the songs! I hardly ever get to play them - the high bell parts tend to require intermediate/advanced players while lower parts are simpler, but one of our songs has so much syncopation our director doesn't trust the regular player on those bells XD;

SO. I have a partial list, and some things already ordered/bought/wrapped.

[livejournal.com profile] yukitsukihana - bought a while ago, needs wrapping. possibly another thing? if I have time to sew.
[livejournal.com profile] antoj - BOUGHT. YAY. maybe one other thing, I'll see.
my sister monster - drum pads! she wants a regular one (or something like that... I don't know these things) and custom a snare pad, and I have links to the ones she wants, and her custom design ready to order!
momma llama - we want to get her an ipad. this will be a joint gift from the rest of the family.
dad - already got some snack things that he likes, but I'd like to get him a giant container of jellybeans since he loves those. also need to figure out what type of batteries he needs for his r/c planes and gliders, since that's his favorite hobby and he always wears stuff out XD
Jenn - ...ugh, I had a really great idea earlier, but now I can't remember. anyway, I also want to get a nice combination locking storage box for her, since her roommate's son is light-handed. heh. and some smurf stuff, since it's one of her favorite cartoons~ she collected all the movie/fast food toys XD
Jennifer - something with GIR \o/
Stephen - either glaceon, anime, or an MMO gift card
[livejournal.com profile] masterpetediddy - IDK BRO. PONIES??? NO WAIT, I WANT PONIES. UNICORNS AND GLITTER???
[livejournal.com profile] shayminlove - ALSO DUNNO. BUT SOMETHING.
Mickey - one of our regular customers... for something like 4 years? we're (our entire crew) getting him a refill tumbler, only available Dec 12th and comes with free coffee for all of January. he's in for coffee (and 4 hours of people-watching and chit-chat) every day, so this is perfect! we're also going to get him a gift card, plus cake for his birthday (which is on Christmas XD).

idk idk idk. I said a partial list. there's still plenty I'm not sure of, like what to give the rest of my coworkers (Susan, Ivonne, Angelica, Will), and whether or not I'll have time for crafting/baking (maybe thursday/friday?). I need to restock on baking goods, too.
ALSO PLEASE ADD/UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS AND FAVORITE THINGS IF YOU'D LIKE A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM ME. if I ever get to the post office that post is screened and f-locked, btw, so no need to be worry. you can also email me, if you'd prefer~

I feel like I've forgotten something I was going to write about, but... hm. I got a package with my yay!win of tomy regigigas, tomy infernape, and dx shiny material arceus, though I don't really want the last two (I'd rather have a tomy empoleon ♥). I'm ecstatic to have a double of regigigas, especially since this one's a bit less loved than Goliath (who I now feel no guilt in dragging around). same package also had halloween sticky notes and a flat lot I won: a DP pencil board, sticker sheet... AND 2004 POKEDOLL NOTEPAD. the sheets inside are full-feature of bulba/venusaur, charmander/zard, and squirtle/blastoise ;~; so pretty and big ♥
also a couple additions to my rapidash collection are somewhere in the mail (and making me paranoid). I found the 3-ring DP ultrapro binder that features rapidash, and it's shipping from the UK. also from the UK, rapidash sample card! the seller apparently only had one left, and I couldn't bring myself to continue passing on it, so I made an offer and they accepted. I'll be silently freaking out until it gets here, since it's my most expensive card purchase ;o; ($65 - not that much compared to other prices, but a big deal for me).
OH WAIT ALSO MY TRADE WITH CAFFWIN. adorable redfloon drawing that I need to scan/photograph :D


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