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(to the movie meetup, that is)
I DUNNO. Vince for sure, but I want to bring a big plush. so DX Jirachi, DX Celebi, Squidward (Drifblim custom), Goliath (Regigigas tomy plush)... or someone else? I think wailord and munna cushions are too big to bring anywhere ;o; maybe Halloween floon? I need a christmas floon... or shiny ponyta :D since I'm bringing Vince, and I'll be wearing my fire horse earrings and ponyta beanie. she's not big, but yay pokedoll customs? I kind of want to bring porygon2 key chain, but I am 9000% too paranoid about bending his tag or terrible things happening to take him anywhere.

anyway time for bed, since I've got a long drive to the theater tomorrow. yay!


Dec. 1st, 2011 01:17 am
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and now aim refuses to work for me. I guess it's time for bed? XD


Oct. 29th, 2011 08:22 pm
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first, I hate this stupid font in the html editor. I think it's trying to stab my eyeballs with it's uglyness. I'm also rather annoyed that all my notifications are apparently screwing up even more after this latest lj update :/ I either get no notification, or one days later. so if you commented/replied to me somewhere and I didn't respond, that's why. bleh.

aside from thursday until now - limited internet access between being tired from work, and thursday was my mom's not-chemo appointment. her friend Kathy came with us, and damn did I wish I had the guts to tell a 60 year old woman to STFU. she kept talking when my mom was trying to sleep off some of the benadryl, and then all through the movies we brought to keep busy. I couldn't even retreat into Pokemon Rumble Blast, because I'd start playing and she would nudge me just as she said something ~super entertaining~..... pertaining to nothing I'd know about (her and my mom work together, and she was gossiping). >:|

work is fun and crazy right now. the one barista nobody likes and I can't get rid of is taking 2 months leave to have surgery on her arm (and everyone hopes she won't come back) starting next month. lol, way to get the holidays off... not that I want her working them on her pay rate.
to start off the season, we're having a Halloween sale this weekend: grande fall drinks (pumpkin spice, salted caramel mocha, chai) are $2 after 2pm. this is only at Safeway-owned stores, so we're special snowflakes! \o/ then on Tuesday we magically change overnight to Thanksgiving Blend, red cups, and the Holiday Trio (peppermint mocha, gingerbread, and eggnog). November 15 starts full-on Christmas season, with Caramel Brulee going up and us putting on red aprons... two red aprons for our store. how are we supposed to keep them clean??? .___.;

merchandise is amazing this year, too. Christmas Espresso Roast is nationwide this year, yay! there's a 4-pack of ornaments, containing the 2011 holiday pattern, 2011 white cup pattern, previous logo (siren with text), and the original siren logo (boobs). no clear tumbler ornament this year :c and no tea cup ornament again. standard coffee sampler, taste of tazo, and cocoa trio gift packs, a different gift bag (last year was a box, 2009 was a bag), glass tazo mugs... oh, and we have plush hedgehogs lol. so derpy and cute. my store didn't get any bearistas and I didn't see them in our sku guide, so I'm not sure if they're doing them this year, not that I like them (worst sellers, aside from a few that sell to collectors). I'm excited for the Christmas Blend VIA, since I like my coffee at weird times/places X) the packaging is also adorable (tiny 6-packs of VIA!).

other sales events... there's going to be a Holiday BOGO, as well as a greeting card coupon handed out at stores. December 1st is donations to (RED) as usual, followed by 11 days of sales on specific items. certain items will include a free drink for the recipient after Christmas, and naturally there will be insane clearance deals on anything left at the end of the year.

also, blonde roast is coming. most lolworthy name ever, but I like that they're making some more mild roasts to appease those who like weak not-dark coffee.

hmmm. I need to clear out my extra side collections, too, to make room for wailord cushion (I was one of those who lucked out and preordered). and OMG. I can't imagine carrying so many of those x___x I also figure I finally need more room for my rapidash and floons, plus pokedoll merch and my semi-serious side collections (goth line, munna, happiny, umbreon/espeon/vaporeon, keshimon).
culling: gen 1 water types, most of my baby types, heracross, electric sheep, misc gen 3 pokemon, arcanine, ninetails, girafarig... gdi too many to list. probably going to cut out some of my bats as well.

haaaaah |D yeah, I totally glued on my elf ears and got my geek on. thought about going as a nazgul, but passed since I didn't want to get kicked out or something. GOOD THING, THOUGH. I would have been shown up by the LIFE SIZE SCULPTURE OF A NAZGUL IN THE LOBBY. also Lurtz. omg. and swords and helms and hobbit feet. I bought all three things being sold: symphony CD, program, giant ass hardcover with a breakdown of every song and theme from FOTR to ROTK plus CD with alternate and mock-up tracks from production. read it all. flipped the fuck out. played piano and clarinet and flute every day for a week, plus vowed to fix up and learn my goddamn oboe to play those alskjahkjh sexy themes of darkness in a proper way askjfhakljakjfakjakj Sauron is my favorite aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.
we also marathoned the full extended set, ending about the time people were arriving for my sister's birthday party. I commented, "I want to fight cave trolls." one of the kids replied, "don't quit your day job" and all I could say was, "I already fight trolls at my day job. I work at Starbucks." |D;;;

blah blah blah LOTR taking a break from writing because freaking out again.

anyway. seeing a proper Nazgul costume up insanely close has given me more to work on with my own costume, aside from figuring out a way to either fake the armor or save up for REAL ARMOR (I'll do it, too). mainly I need to grow 2 feet taller and turn into a basketball player, because goddamn I never thought about how tall those Numenoreans are (6-7' average, btw). I need me some STILTS.

uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh I can't even remember half the stuff I was going to write about now because my head is back in nazgul-land. something about being obsessed with Rumble and being sad about no wifi trading/battles/etc.

OH. and I finally got my Pokedoll Collection II boxed figures today :D the set I won after losing like a billion auctions in one week. eeeeeeee ♥ plus a happiny mascot plush and custom candle from a trade with furrettails. I've got to mail her my half on Monday, along with a few other packages :3
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today I was reminded of why I don't shop at GameStop except for pre-order bonuses. went in to get my Rumble Blast, since October 24th is the announced release day. surprise, it's not! street release is tomorrow, October 25th.

but instead of politely informing me that the date had been changed, I was essentially told I was wrong/stupid and that had never been the release date, and that anyone with a copy of the game today had obviously gotten it through shady sources (because Amazon is totally shady - everyone I know who pre-ordered something that released today through there had it delivered today). that plus the general f-you attitude of the clerk was totally off-putting, and I'm seriously considering returning my copy the moment I pick it up tomorrow and buying it somewhere else like Target :/ that's not how you treat a customer, no matter how annoying/stupid you think they are.

bleh. I'm probably raging for no reason or something, but this pissed me off so much earlier. it feels like 95% of the time, GS employees are either douchebags or know nothing about whatever game I'm interested in (or are a wonderful combination of both those traits). the other 5% are great, but it's not worth the effort to find out if I'm lucky that particular day or not.
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probably won't happen

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Soooo it looks like I'm going back to WV for a week and a half, flying out on September 15. I really don't know why my uncle wanted to postpone the memorial service for so long (well, I do know, but waiting for your "friend with benefits" to fly across the country for moral support doesn't count in my book), but he's in charge of that so whatever. My dad's cousin/name twin is the executor of the estate and is already out there, making sure nobody takes things not left to them (or things "disappearing"! yay). Also fun - cousin got to tell my uncle that yes, if anyone contests part of the will, they automatically forfeit their portion This was put in to keep everyone fro fighting, but moreso to keep my uncle from asking for more money - he has very poor banking practices, and has "borrowed" around a million dollars from my grandparents over the years, all without holding any form of stable job. He was even fired from the family hotel.

ahaha, can you tell I don't like my uncle?

We have apparently inherited a super-fancy-expensive antique set of silverware, which is cool - they're handmade, and each is engraved with an "M" for Morgan. I've also got a ton (possibly literal) of iron horses waiting for me, since my grandmother left me the ones from her childhood and tracked down more from all over WV. I don't know/care much about other things that are allocated to us, but I do know I want to see about my grandmother's art. We spent countless hours drawing and painting and crafting together, which is one of the things I loved best about her. She could look at anything and see a hundred ways it was art, had her own gallery exhibit, and co-authored a book on trapunto quilting (I have one of the pieces featured in the book!). I dunno, it's just my way of remembering her, the same way my mom and I remember my grandma by collecting antique chicken memorabilia (my grandma grew up in a dirt-floored house before immigrating to the US, and her mother and aunt raised chickens).

blaaaaah. I've got so much to get ready before I go - fall promo with pumpkin spice and anniversary blend starts next week, and I've got to write both of our ingredient orders for the time I'm gone (I'm confident in my assistant's ability to scan/send an order, but she's only written one order with help before). I don't have to worry about scheduling while I'm gone, thankfully, since one of the Safeway assistant managers can do that. At least all of this sounds like less when I type it out?
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sooooo idk? on Sunday, before I went to meetup with [livejournal.com profile] shayminlove to see HP in IMAX 3D and exchange goodies, this idiot in the parking lot at Safeway back his car into me :| which wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that: I pulled out of my parking spot, stopped at the end of the aisle/lane because someone had blocked it (aka the other idiot - why would you park your truck + boat there???), and then Mr. Oblivious started backing out, I hit the horn, he hits me anyway, gets out of his car and asks, "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?"

no duh I saw you >:| backing into my car, because you didn't look behind you. ADKLJAFDHKLJHDS

so anyway, I'm waiting on some quotes to get the dent he put in my door fixed - not that bad, but my car is relatively ~~new and shiny~~, and it makes me sad. naturally, he's paying for everything (yay) and he has to deal with his insurance rates going up and such.

...but I have his address and I really just want to buy some eggs and toilet paper and let my sister and her band friends loose with it. ugh. so angry >__<

then today, this guy who FREAKED OUT (screaming, yelling, tantrum) on me for no good reason two months ago came in and sincerely apologized to me. he said he acted unacceptably, due to going through a bad time in his life, but there wasn't any excuse to treat another person that way and such. it was just... amazing. inspiring. made my day \o/ and maybe increased my faith in humanity.


I only need 8 more cards to have a complete set of Base Set Ponyta! 8D I finally managed to buy AND receive my 1st edition French Ponyta, after the previous ones getting lost in the mail.

Wanted Ponyta:
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
Unlimited Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

\o/ There are 10 other Base Set Ponyta cards, since Japan only printed an unlimited version. now if I can only find the rest of the Jungle Rapidash... I need 8 more to complete that set, too! :o

Wanted Rapidash:
1st Edition German
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

9 other Jungle Rapidash cards - less than Ponyta, since the Jungle set did not have the "shadowless" error cards and fixed reprints. after this, I move on to trying to complete the Rocket set of fire horses! minor progress on that already - 6/17 Dark Rapidash, and 5/17 Ponyta. I'm not looking forward to everything after Legendary Collection, though - that's when Japan started printing first editions, and for some reason the unlimited versions are impossible to find ;___; the Karen's Rapidash promo was printed as unlimited (I have a scan of it!) but I can't find one for sale/auction anywhere.
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ugh =___= so tired. today was randomly a 23487132694876 times busier than it's been in... a month? something like that. our shipment came in minus the cool lime juice, and with a destroyed case of very berry hibiscus juice (that name is so ridiculous). so there was juice everywhere and nowhere, and we had to clean up, send an emergency order (we needed that juice!), and a credit request. everything else on the shipment was squished, mangled, and sticky, but useable :|

ANYWAY. I got to come home to a shiny new ponyta marble and a german rocket's ponyta ♥ so there's that.

also, sales post because I need more space in my room:

also also, I blame yukitsukihana for getting me all excited about card collecting again. I want to finish all my old sets, new sets, and get pretty binders/portfolios for them XD; but first, I need to organize and figure out what I'm missing (other than almost everything after Neo Discovery until Diamond & Pearl). except I don't want base set 2, because that set is a jerk.

...I'm going to take a nap now >>
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went to TRU, and they'd finally stocked the new jakks plush! \o/ which means I have a new munna to love and adore. the tag was stuck right through her forehead, and I couldn't leave it :/ so now she's tagless, and her name is Tumor ♥ I also couldn't resist the new card folders, so I grabbed one and the Victini box set. pulled a zekrom :3 the Victini figure also looks really nice... but I must resist collection another pokemon >:| I already tried and failed not to collect munna (this is going to be difficult if gothita or keldeo wind up with a lot of merch). ugh, and I really like frillish and jellicent, too ;___; I need to weed out things from my seldom-pictured water collection if I want to make room for them.

(icon art by [livejournal.com profile] bluwiikoon)

eta: also getting a huge (like 3') woobat display that I have no idea where to put. I just rearranged my posters a little while ago, too >>
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[that song forever in my head]


The past... month? or so I've spent either a) driving my sister and friends to and from rehearsals, performances, etc. for her drumline group, b) cleaning, cooking, etc. because my mom is busy angsting, or c) working/rehearsing. Sleeping and eating are definitely in there somewhere (maybe). Courtesy of the DDOS and my phone rage-hating on LJ, I haven't been on here much :/ To make things more wonderfundle, my paypal login info was compromised - I logged in to print address labels from my laptop for shipping, found that the printer had decided to hate me again (for some reason, it's a 50-50 chance for things to print correctly when printing wireless). So I logged in on my mom's computer, since that's the one with a direct connection to the printer... and discovered after I logged in that my mom had managed to install not one, not two, but three browser-hijacking add-ons to Firefox. Yaaaaaay. But thankfully I'd noticed and was able to change my info as well as remove all the nastiness =___= Better than my dad, who managed to kill his one-year-old laptop last week.

blah )

Collection stuff... Lost a ponyta picture frame since I missed the end of the ebay auction ;A; but! Came back to LJ in time to win a deoxys pokedoll notebook (completely adorable), and sent an email with all the search terms I need for y!j (my phone won't let me install japanese fonts?) so I was able to find and win this beauty, which I'm still in awe over. I swear, I spent half the day logging in to Noppin to affirm the fact that I'd indeed won.
(I don't suppose any Keldeo merchandise has been announced?)

This would be longer, but I'm pretty much exhausted - I spend my 'free time' catching up on sleep. Ending this entry with my current party on VDex, the only game/website I've used more than a few times during my long absence.
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this morning, I had a dream about shapeshifting nagas ~*~IN SPACE~*~ and epic battles of good versus evil. also, there was a cute dog, and pretty flowers. I don't really know what else was in the dream, or even how I spent most of the day after waking up.

but I'm going back to bed. the madness might continue. I don't know. I just want my allergies/asthma to stop acting up ;_____; UGH BENADRYL.


Jan. 15th, 2011 10:01 pm
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mareep windchime? onto my wants list! I'll probably never see it again, and the winner better be someone from the comm who's going to show it off. so cute ;3;

askldjfh I am so tired (and cold. why is my house so cold?) =____= I really need to go to bed after today (BUSY LIKE CHRISTMAS WHAT THE HELL), but rachelle and I are organizing a GA for that eeveelution lot and I'm waiting on the auction to end for my magby swing.

aaaand I think I only have 4 more gifts to mail out. LESSON LEARNED. SHIP THEM IN NOVEMBER, CARYM. UGH.

eta: I am the redfloon formerly known as 'Caryn' because I can't spell XD also, I'm angsting over the fact that I have nobody to squee over FP with because nobody I know irl plays that game.
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So I have 75% of my Christmas things sent out/thrown at people from cars, and I went to go take the rest of the packages to the post office today. Wound up turning around because there were COPS CARS EVERYWHERE and the PO's right next to gang central |D Haha, and I live like 2 minutes away from there so that's cool. HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE.

I also got my Noppin packages of joy and joyness \o/ Random lot of awesome stuff in there along with GA plush (HOLY CRAP WHY DO THEY WEIGH SO MUCH. Ugh, have to go sort through them), Regice pokedoll figure, stampy-stamp-stampers (I like stampers :|), and keshimon! So many keshimon ;o;

Overall loot that I'm keeping from the random lot:
- Houndour/Houndoom zukan (have to fix Houndoom's peg), Mime Jr. zukan piece
- Heracross Magnet scene gashapon thing
- Charizard Pokedoll strap
- Mew, Lucario, and Mime Jr. metal charms
- Ponyta, Rapidash, and Vaporeon Pogs (from the Japanese Pokemon Master Trainer game?)
- stickerssssss
- Skitty coin purse
- maybe the Dragonite like zukan? I'm undecided, but either way I need to fix Dratini's peg
- Wobblers: Azuril, Spheal, Spinda

- Sudowoodo chibi stamper \o/
- Wooper and Cleffa light-up stampers. Cleffa is broken as heck, BUT WOOPER HAS PURPLE INK.
- Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Togepi, and Delibird 151 Johto stampers

- Holder
- Gold: two different pikas, moltres, articuno
- Silver: jigglypuff, charmander, dragonite, ghastly, dragonite, mew
List of extras up for grabs under the cut )
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yeah, I'm giving up on denying that I'm sick ;___; I have a huge pile of Christmas packages waiting to be mailed that I was going to send last Monday, but I got called in to work almost every day before Christmas (and of course worked Christmas Eve and Christmas) and now I'm stupid sick. This is killing me. At least the chocolate mint bars last pretty much forever when refrigerated yes the packages are in the fridge |D.

blah blah Christmas )

...wow, that took me two hours to type .____. I'm going back to bed for a bit now. Oh, I also won that Pokedoll tin on Y!J \o/ along with several other pokedoll items. It feels like forever since I've found something for my fire horse collection *sob*
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Christmas gifts almost ready to send out (I actually got the finishing touch to one today at the Disney store ;D)! My main sewing machine is in the shop, which slowed things down quite a bit :/ They told me it was going to be two and a half weeks minimum before it was fixed... I'm not sure if this means they're not going to look at it for 2.5 weeks or what. I'm afraid of what's going to happen if it needs a part ordered x___x My mom and I are already going crazy, since we usually make a stained glass style quilt/wall-hanging every year for Christmas.
Anyway, we have our old one but it's not the same. It's the same one that I literally overloaded last time I made a (simple!!!) quilt. But pillowcases should be fine on it. I hope.

...Is it a bad idea to send out peppermint fudge type foodstuffs as gifts? This holiday season more people seem to be telling me that they hate peppermint, which is my favorite flavor ever :/ I made peppermint fudge/brownie things to send out to everyone in the states (and the recipe to those outside, since I'm nervous about breaking rules and sending food overseas - does anyone have experience sending stuff like this?), but now I'm second guessing myself. I'd make gingersnaps instead, but then everyone has also been telling me they hate ginger. IDK ANYMORE.

ANYWAY. People need to stop injuring themselves and calling in to work. You should not take corners at 60mph on your motorcycle and wipe out. It is bad.

Concert yesterday was amazing ♥ However, you can only take so much of Bach's Magnificat when exhausted before you start laughing your face off. Needless to say, it was a good thing the bell choir was in the back of the church during that song. I thought we were going to choke XD;; There was more rehearsal today, but just for our 'regular' Christmas stuff, like Ringing Christmas (Carol of The Bells and Christmas Comes Again/Now The Green Blade Riseth/Noel Nouvelet) and Hymn to Joy (I LOVE PLAYING THOSE SONGS ON BELLS ASLDFKJASHDLFKJH). Also, Angels We Have Heard On High is fun, especially when we get to play all of the arrangement we own. Unfortunately, our choir this year is made of suck and fail (not their fault, but the director's), so we won't be doing pretty things like Pavane for a Silent Night, Silent Night, Mary's Boy Child, Breath of Heaven, Little Town of Bethlehem... pretty much all other Christmas songs ever ;___; It's actually a miracle that we're playing at all, since our pastor literally called the bell choir ostentatious, showy, and stopped just short of calling us blasphemous and disrespectful. He's only started being 'nice' to us this past year, and we've played... once? this whole year, and that was at Easter. Orchestra plays once a month at least. Adult and teen bells used to play once a month each :/

Ffff and I need to get to bed because I have inventory to worry about and a shift to cover by myself because of the previously mentioned motorcycle wipe out. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I had more to add to this post but I'm out of time.

*back to chanting 'Think positive'*
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ffff I really need to get to bed because I have inventory in approximately hours, BUT, I thought I'd scare away my new friends update on my weekend.

On Friday, there was an armed robbery at work! \o/ Nobody was hurt, but there is now a chipped stone next to the door because the security guard chased the robber, who was armed with a real gun and not afraid to use it. He only got $800, but we got his face on camera and his license plate. HAH.

Saturday we got almost all of our holiday merch at work, so I spent 12 hours putting it all away in our store room, which is not much of a room any more and more like a wall of boxes. GUYS, THE CUPS ARE SO GODDAMN PRETTY. There's a children's storybook/tumbler/mouse plush, but I don't really like it as much as the reindeer plush we had last year. Also, the plush were packaged in questionable positions that gave everybody dirty minds. XD

And today there was church, and a trip to the zoo yay! I didn't get to see all the animals I wanted to, because I was there with my grandparents who are old/slow/easily tired. We were there for two hours and only saw maybe a fourth of the zoo? A couple exhibits were closed as well - I wish they'd close the Asian elephant exhibit, since it's really sad to see one elephant just standing there looking for something to do :c


Bed now, I swear.
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\o/ Free for the weekend! Sort of~ I still have packages to ship off tomorrow. I also think I forgot to stick a piece of cardboard in someone's package, mostly because I cut pieces for each clearfile/notebook I shipped, and there is one sitting next to my packing supplies right now :/ I don't want to cut open unshipped packages to check, however.

also, I am feeling particularly uncreative lately ;___; I haven't drawn/sewn in forever, not even a simple quilt if quilts could be called simple or doodle. I've mostly spent my time freaking out over stupid things at work, like my insane new merchandiser (HE FOLLOWED ME AROUND TODAY IT WAS SO OBNOXIOUS), holiday promo, and then randomly loving on my hair, because it is a deep plum color and I now love Herbatint ♥ I'm going to try the violet next time and see how that goes.

So my new merchandiser. Apparently he used to be a drum instructor at one of the local high schools, and I can't figure out for the life of me how on earth he wound up working for Safeway/Starbucks as a merchandiser :/ I also think he might be perpetually high, given the way he acts and the sheer amount of food he consumes (one pound of roast beef and a full loaf of french bread... and he's skinny. Today he ate a 16" pizza). Today he followed me around as I organized our freezer (he informed me it was cold), checked in our ingredient shipment and moved it to the shelves. The first thing he asked me was if he could help me with anything - I said sure, he could check our invoice against the shipping manifest to make sure everything was shipped/charged accurately, and move the boxes onto a six-wheeler to take to our store room. He then decided it was time to go check email *headdesk*
And then! He followed me around more, humming and whistling and asking, "Are you done yet?" when I was obviously not done with my work >:/ I finally just stopped trying, and he told me that I was doing a great job on my ordering, on my organization, that so-and-so was now my 'team leader' for coffee/tea sharing (so no stores wind up sitting on huge amounts of a particular tea or coffee that doesn't sell immediately), and to review my retail shelves to make sure they were 'just like picture' as compared to the schematic Starbucks sends us (a picture of shelves that are taller than the one we have, so the cups cannot possibly fit on the same shelves in the picture). He wasted an hour of my time on this, because it is physically impossible for my shelves to be 'just like picture' and he didn't believe me. Last time he visited, I wasn't here and he forced several cups onto a shelf they did not fit on and they broke. This time I did not lose any merchandise to his stupidity.

Our holiday promo is less drama, since everything's the same as last year aside from new packaging ^^ I'm really looking forward to it, except that Canada is getting Starbucks Christmas Espresso Blend, and we're not :c at least, according to my materials. So I'll have to hunt that down so I can try it/love it. We're getting the Caramel Brulee again this year! I love the flavor, even if it's so rich I can only manage to drink a small (I'm the same way with the Cinnamon Dolce). There's also our delicious peppermint brownies, which are a different experience entirely than the mint fudge brownie bars I make at home. Both are excellent frozen, and made with PEPPERMINT. Unf *o* I love peppermint. I get mad at other Starbucks I visit when they do not have peppermint syrup because "it's a holiday-only drink" because that is a LIE. We have peppermint year round, especially in the summer when it's perfect in my iced americano :D

Now I'm going to go plan what I'm doing to my front yard tomorrow. I need to trim the rose bushes, pull out a stupid tree that's trying to grow next to them >:/, and choose something to put in our empty planters. I want to get rid of those things, but nobody will let me (they're hideous and take up too much space). also, belated Halloween decorating, since it turns out I'm going to be home after all XD


Sep. 27th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I'm trading for another custom plush from cwinget and idk what to get D: help.

because: candle, lamp, chandelier, choroneko, leopard, bambi/dad, erefuun/shiny, kerudio, gochimu, fire moth??? and also drifs, happiny, more fire equines? DDD: this is not a condensed list at allllll

and this is for maybe a couple canvas sized or a 12" plush. IDK.

why am I still awake

hair dye

Sep. 23rd, 2010 11:50 pm
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so, ages and ages ago (roughly four years now), I liked to dye my hair purple. At the time, there actually was permanent purple dye readily available, and I frequently bought it. For the majority of my senior year, I had wonderful, purple hair. Best ever.

and then I had to go and get myself hired at Starbucks, and become the manager :c we're not allowed to have 'unnatural' hair colors, so I dyed my amazing purple hair to black, and then just let my natural brown grow back.

naturally, I dyed it anyway )

I do all of this two weeks before the vice president of licensed stores is visiting Phoenix. he will probably visit my store, because my dm, her boss, and his boss, passionately love my store for god knows what reason (I like to think I'm The Best like everyone else, but I know this may not be true since I don't see 90% of the other licensed stores).

ok guys

Sep. 16th, 2010 04:54 pm
99reddrifloons: Vince, the shiny vaporeon pokedoll. (Default)
where the hell are my baby pokemon.

baby and basic are not the same. I NEED TO KNOW.


99reddrifloons: Vince, the shiny vaporeon pokedoll. (Default)

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