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(to the movie meetup, that is)
I DUNNO. Vince for sure, but I want to bring a big plush. so DX Jirachi, DX Celebi, Squidward (Drifblim custom), Goliath (Regigigas tomy plush)... or someone else? I think wailord and munna cushions are too big to bring anywhere ;o; maybe Halloween floon? I need a christmas floon... or shiny ponyta :D since I'm bringing Vince, and I'll be wearing my fire horse earrings and ponyta beanie. she's not big, but yay pokedoll customs? I kind of want to bring porygon2 key chain, but I am 9000% too paranoid about bending his tag or terrible things happening to take him anywhere.

anyway time for bed, since I've got a long drive to the theater tomorrow. yay!


Dec. 1st, 2011 01:17 am
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and now aim refuses to work for me. I guess it's time for bed? XD
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how caryn gets ready for bed when excited:

1. play raining blood on ipod
2. yell, "RAINING PLUSH!!!!" and begin singing along to song
3. flip ALL THE PLUSH off bed to the floor on the other side
4. regret immediately
5. cuddle-freakout-times with dx jirachi

aaakjahlkjahkh lucario. I think I'm still in shock. salamence and porygon2 keychain and lucario pillow within one week? I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON BUT I LIKE IT even if my wallet cries.

I'm still waiting on the invoice for my GA though, and it bums me out that maybe I won't have my lucario in-hand before christmas. BUT LUCARIO. lol I don't even have the regular lucario pokedoll, just the figure and figure keychain. going back to freaking out instead of sleeping now. and lurking in chat

also apparently stacking plushplush. idk.
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this made me happy

I love watching the dust roll in, but don't love having to wash my car afterwards.


Aug. 26th, 2011 04:46 pm
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I laughed so hard.

Also, I got a 3DS :D Yay for being bad at saving! But whatever. Pokemon Rumble Blast is coming out soon(ish)!
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everyone should just stop with the mlp stuff before I become addicted again.

also, twilight = rapidash???

blah blah

Feb. 18th, 2011 09:30 pm
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if something could go wrong today, it did |D thankfully, I only had to work until 3 and then I ran the heck away. now I'm back to thinking positive instead of thinking mean things at people (seriously, don't ask me if a coffee drink tastes the same as a non-coffee drink. ONE HAS COFFEE, ONE DOES NOT. THIS IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE). ok, now back to thinking positive. honest.

good things today!:
- rain, sort of
- supplies arrived on time
- no fires, AND we got to throw away all of our stock in the backroom, which takes care of all the extra cups/lids my previous assistant manager ordered OVER A YEAR AGO because he's a derp-face (and still is, even though he's a manager at another sbux now XD;;)
- finishing taking pictures between clouds (spoilers for my eventual update post) )


this art scares me so much D:
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Also, Vince has a hat.
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this morning, I had a dream about shapeshifting nagas ~*~IN SPACE~*~ and epic battles of good versus evil. also, there was a cute dog, and pretty flowers. I don't really know what else was in the dream, or even how I spent most of the day after waking up.

but I'm going back to bed. the madness might continue. I don't know. I just want my allergies/asthma to stop acting up ;_____; UGH BENADRYL.
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also, I am inconsistent when applying filters to images for icons.

when am I going to have time to send out my Christmas gifts :(


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