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Sep. 6th, 2010 09:30 pm
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The Last Unicorn by ~melkatsa on deviantART

tbh, friends sending me links like this make me want to plush more, but I generally don't sew complicated things like this. I'd rather finish my unicorn quilt ♥

also, regarding today - worst day ever at work. the guy walked up, coughing really hard, and I thought he was choking. turns out he was just super hungover and needed to finish throwing up. I'm a sympathy puker, and I've felt awful since noon when he barfed right in front of my register (prior to this, he barfed all the way down aisle 9! \o/). yaaaay. at least I get to go see Avatar tomorrow :D
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Do you ever have one of those days/weeks where everything goes wrong in the worst way possible? I did, but today everything started going RIGHT. I got a voicemail from one of my coworkers, and I was so happy I could have cried (both from happy and angry). I celebrated that by buying a bunch of books and manga I wanted, and I've already finished half of them XD I also get to celebrate my mom's cancer being reduced by almost 50% (lymphoma, so I can't just say 'tumors' since they're her lymph nodes, too .__.) with a big family get together on Saturday. We're making enchiladas and lots of other delicious foods.

Aaaaanyway, since I've already read through half the books I got today without thinking, does anyone have any book/manga/whatever recommendations? ♥♥♥

Vince recommended I read through my TLU comic. I agreed, but then I was sad because I can't find the Comicon exclusive cover anywhere ;__;

Lastly, posting some pokeplush tomorrow, and if anyone needs legit Manaphy I'm going to be resetting my Platinum tomorrow afternoon/evening to download multiples of the Japanese wi-fi event ♥~
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My camera batteries are dead, so I can't take pictures of all my recently arrived goodies. However, I received some amazing pieces for a non-pokemon collection today as well, and they are perfectly scannable. Too bad my scanner sucks ;p

Fair warning before you click, one of the items features the Harpy and her fearsome bare chest.

I suppose I was young when I first saw them. Now I must be old--at least I have picked many more things up than I had then, and put them all down again. But I always knew that nothing was worth the investment of my heart, because nothing lasts, and I was right, and so I was always old. Yet each time I see my unicorns, it is like that morning in the woods, and I am truly young in spite of myself, and anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty. )

Again, my scanner does these pieces no justice. ;___; This is a set of The Last Unicorn production stills intended for marketing use, and they're in amazing condition. Some minor wear to a few edges, no scratches - I'm not sure what on earth those white flecks are. Water damage of some sort? :/

I've also got a few German lobby cards, sountrack, American and European movie poster (one out of three), and a limited edition signed print from A-kon ♥

Unicorn concept art! )

I'd like to complete my set of lobby cards and movie posters, then search out a few of the CEDs and laserdiscs (I have one, but the sleeve is in poor condition). Then I'll start saving up for cels :3 Honestly, though, my grail is this derpy little official plush that I'll probably never find. There's a pretty neat list of merchandise here.


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