Dec. 5th, 2011 07:02 pm
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sent out a christmas package to [ profile] shiningmew today, and gave [ profile] shayminlove gifts on Saturday :D I still need to get some brown paper to wrap [ profile] antoj's box before mailing, because I don't want to send a box with labels that let everyone know what's inside lololol.

also organized a bit of my slowly shrinking side-collection shelf... I don't want to get rid of stuff, but there's other pokemon I want room for XD having a hard time letting go of horsea/seadra things, especially shiny silver metal figure ♥ Krabby and Goldeen lines are almost gone, debating getting rid of the rest of Shellder. I'm keeping Omanyte and Lapras, though! as well as purple bats (sent all the other ones to [ profile] captainangel!). good thing is that there's room for more wails, pokedoll figures, keshimon, munna and goths! I also moved around my rapidash mini models, since I needed to put my purple ones in :3 purple ponies! I need to do the same with my floons, since I've got two custom redfloons that need better spots ^^;

also, collection picspam below. pokedolls and fire pony mania! )

oh yeah, I counted and that's 113 unique fire horse tcg. this is what happens when your favorite doesn't have a lot of merchandise o7 hopefully this week I'll have a chance to take prettier pics to post on the comm.

and in a little bit, I'll go back to tagging~ almost finished with 2007!
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sooooo idk? on Sunday, before I went to meetup with [ profile] shayminlove to see HP in IMAX 3D and exchange goodies, this idiot in the parking lot at Safeway back his car into me :| which wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that: I pulled out of my parking spot, stopped at the end of the aisle/lane because someone had blocked it (aka the other idiot - why would you park your truck + boat there???), and then Mr. Oblivious started backing out, I hit the horn, he hits me anyway, gets out of his car and asks, "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?"

no duh I saw you >:| backing into my car, because you didn't look behind you. ADKLJAFDHKLJHDS

so anyway, I'm waiting on some quotes to get the dent he put in my door fixed - not that bad, but my car is relatively ~~new and shiny~~, and it makes me sad. naturally, he's paying for everything (yay) and he has to deal with his insurance rates going up and such.

...but I have his address and I really just want to buy some eggs and toilet paper and let my sister and her band friends loose with it. ugh. so angry >__<

then today, this guy who FREAKED OUT (screaming, yelling, tantrum) on me for no good reason two months ago came in and sincerely apologized to me. he said he acted unacceptably, due to going through a bad time in his life, but there wasn't any excuse to treat another person that way and such. it was just... amazing. inspiring. made my day \o/ and maybe increased my faith in humanity.


I only need 8 more cards to have a complete set of Base Set Ponyta! 8D I finally managed to buy AND receive my 1st edition French Ponyta, after the previous ones getting lost in the mail.

Wanted Ponyta:
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
Unlimited Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

\o/ There are 10 other Base Set Ponyta cards, since Japan only printed an unlimited version. now if I can only find the rest of the Jungle Rapidash... I need 8 more to complete that set, too! :o

Wanted Rapidash:
1st Edition German
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

9 other Jungle Rapidash cards - less than Ponyta, since the Jungle set did not have the "shadowless" error cards and fixed reprints. after this, I move on to trying to complete the Rocket set of fire horses! minor progress on that already - 6/17 Dark Rapidash, and 5/17 Ponyta. I'm not looking forward to everything after Legendary Collection, though - that's when Japan started printing first editions, and for some reason the unlimited versions are impossible to find ;___; the Karen's Rapidash promo was printed as unlimited (I have a scan of it!) but I can't find one for sale/auction anywhere.


Jul. 11th, 2011 05:52 pm
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I have a munna cushion on my head. and it is HUGE. like few pokeplush are. I don't even.

it balances really well on my head. zero effort. it is meant to be.


dx pokedolls. three of them. and pokedoll merch. space penis and time pony and SUSPENSE.

and a silver freaking rapidash metal figure that is more beautiful than [beautiful things]. SILVER. not "there is no finish" / blah grey metal color silver, but SPARKLY, FANCY, WONDERFUL SILVER.


other things:
  • played Telemann duets like a boss today. TELEMANN ♥
  • finished set up for summer 2 promo launch tomorrow
  • tasted ~~fancy~~ new test market beverages. cool lime and very berry hibiscus refreshers. not sure if I like them. too sweet and not enough... tart? I guess for fruity flavored things. however, they have a slice of lime/blackberries in them, which is pretty cool. I want a passion tea lemonade with a slice of lime now.
  • homemade lasagna for dinner. my house smells delicious~
  • ...also I got a fire pokemon duffel bag and another rapidash shirt. yay! \o/
  • ALSO ALSO THINGS FOR [ profile] shayminlove :D


    adskjfh I need better light. tomorrow!

    blah blah

    Feb. 18th, 2011 09:30 pm
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    if something could go wrong today, it did |D thankfully, I only had to work until 3 and then I ran the heck away. now I'm back to thinking positive instead of thinking mean things at people (seriously, don't ask me if a coffee drink tastes the same as a non-coffee drink. ONE HAS COFFEE, ONE DOES NOT. THIS IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE). ok, now back to thinking positive. honest.

    good things today!:
    - rain, sort of
    - supplies arrived on time
    - no fires, AND we got to throw away all of our stock in the backroom, which takes care of all the extra cups/lids my previous assistant manager ordered OVER A YEAR AGO because he's a derp-face (and still is, even though he's a manager at another sbux now XD;;)
    - finishing taking pictures between clouds (spoilers for my eventual update post) )


    this art scares me so much D:
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    my rapidash custom pokedoll by cwinget ♥ she's waiting on the blue fabric for ponyta right now ^^

    also, best questions/comments ever for work:
    "So, Starbucks... you must sell a lot of coffee."
    "What's a hot chocolate?"
    "I need a match." "I'm sorry, ma'am. We don't have matches here at Starbucks. Would you like me to show you where they are in the grocery store?" "No! The store doesn't sell them. I just need a match!" "We... don't have a match, ma'am." ">:C" <-- little old lady, lol.

    and the photo keychains came today! going to post pictures in a bit~


    Sep. 7th, 2010 11:40 pm
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    link to porcupine_paws' recent completed sculpts

    eeeeeee FLINT AND KAREN AND RAPIDASH X3 I can't wait until they get here and I can rearrange my collection shelf ♥♥♥ I already have some space cleared (moved my Stantlers, but now I need somewhere to put them where I can see the awesome amazing pink chibi stamper).

    also I just totally geeked out on one of my facebook friends XD she was watching LotR for the first time and didn't get Gandalf the Grey versus Gandalf the White, which is pretty understandable, given the movies don't really give all the necessary information. I still want to see a Saruman of Many Colors that doesn't look like an acid trip.
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    yaaay bad cellphone pics! \o/

    idk I'm just bored waiting for a box to arrive from the evil customs monster. it has a super special pokedoll box inside it, and some pokedoll charms, too. oh! and a pokepark candy tin with floons ^^

    yeah that's a complete set of rapidash chibi stampers. bask in their glory.
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    Not going to do any more complaining, since apparently this is my week. \o/

    Second from the bottom? RAPIDASH BATTLE PENCIL. This following the blue Rapidash chibi stamper (and a blue Vaporeon chibi stamper in a different lot), getting no competition on what I'm pretty sure is a DX Torchic Pokedoll, and HobbyLinkJapan finally getting some keishipoke in stock... yeah, definitely a good week for me. ^^

    brb dying

    Jun. 18th, 2010 01:35 pm
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    this is zombie Caryn reporting in with asldfkjashdlf

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    bah, think I'm getting a cold :C

    anywho, recent gets~ )

    Lastly, going to be adding entries to [ profile] firehorseluv if LJ cooperates, so sorry if I spam any f-lists ^^;;
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    mailing stuff out tomorrow ♥

    hopefully taking more solo pics for [ profile] firehorseluv - there's a lot that needs to be added/updated. a bottlecap, coins, the coin bank... maybe some floon pics for a collection update :3 I got the xmas plate and stickers with drifblim from Gin today.


    Jan. 30th, 2010 08:37 pm
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    1. new moodtheme from [ profile] omnilugia! ♥

    Secondly - got my CS box yesterday, pulled it open to grab my metal figures. Well, went through everything five times or so and only found two Ponytas... but I thought I'd ordered a lot with Rapidash D: So I was sad and mopey, thinking I'd failed and bid on the wrong lot. So I went onto CS to request shipping on everything else I have stored up. Lo and behold - my Rapidash metal figure lot! So I was just stupid .___.;;

    My CS box also contained Flint/Volkner doujinshi ♥ suuuuuper cute ;~; Also, my Karen VS half-deck/booster (with Karen's Umbreon!!! asdflkjh), new 3-tier bento, bento picks (drifloon!) and painted Prakoro dice - I'm completely in love with Cyndaquil.
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    This weekends gets? Houndour pokedoll and Umbreon/Espeon Pokemon Center charm ♥ I still need to get the Pokemon Time charms and the hourglass (if I ever find it). I'm not going after the bags - I've got way too many purses as it is, and they're out of my preferred price range for their size :P

    Still waiting on CS boxes to arrive~ Also added to the current one, with a Ponyta/Rapidash pencil board that I didn't have yet (comes with another Happy!dash pencil board that I don't need, but oh well~). I also just received my Drifblim attack kid, fire energy pin, and one of the Haunted Night promo clearfiles. I still want/need the mini version, plus the handkerchief from last yeat ;o; I don't think I'll ever see that pop up again, unless someone decides to do some collection weeding.


    Dec. 20th, 2009 10:12 pm
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    Seems very interesting, so I signed up ^^ It'd be nice to have a penpal from Japan... it would certainly help out with learning more Japanese. I plan on finally finishing my Japanese run-through of Platinum before HGSS comes out in March (hah, it's my second run-through but this time I'll actually pay attention and not let my pokemon learn attacks I don't want by accident).

    On the subject of the holidays - I decorated our tree with Pokedolls, canvas plush and UFO catchers XD;; We had ornaments out, but still hadn't put them up so I just grabbed an armful of plush and stuck them in the branches. I'll take a picture soon-ish... just have to wait for a time when I'm home while it's still light out ._.
    I'd put my Snorlax on the tree, but he's HUUUUGE and awesome, omg. Pics of him soon, too.

    Now have a picture of my pretty Rapidash stamper :3

    Oh! I'm also trying to get a set of the mini Sinnoh starter pokedolls - I missed them by minutes the last time I saw them on Y!J, so maybe I'll win them this time ♥
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    also 151 pins :3


    Dec. 1st, 2009 09:32 pm
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    1. Won not one, but TWO awesome Volcano Badges - the replica badge from Gin, and a Volcano Badge + Blaine Battle ID from eBay ♥ (roadrunner1111 for the curious)

    1a. Also won a German Ponita pin 8D

    2. In less than 7 days, my 90-card TCG binder will be completely full (with extras!) of fire horse cards, and not a single duplicate.

    2a. My 3-ring TCG binder (the one with Ponyta, not Rapidash) is in need of more pages ^^; Not only will it be holding the overflow from the 90-card binder, but all my other Fire Horse cards: Topps, Bandai, Topsun, Versus... as well as other stickers, pogs, and paper flats.

    3. Finally requested shipping on the huuuuuge amount of stuff I have sitting with CS :| I fear the shipping charges.

    4. STILL no Rapidash Jakks. However! As [ profile] yukitsukihana pointed out - I do have a lovely talking Happiny plush thanks to all my searching 8D and omfg I love that thing haaaaaardcooooore asdflkjadshflkjasdfl


    Nov. 19th, 2009 08:44 pm
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    I hardcore need to do a collection update >:C


    Still no Rapidash Jakks D: Aaaand Delibirds came in today, plus a lovely Christmas Sweets washcloth ♥
    Bought a few Arceus boosters today when we were at TRU, and only got... well, three cards that I like, but only one that was on my wants list ^^;; level 13 Ponyta and both versions of the Lucky Egg. When I get the rest of the fire horse cards from this set, my tcg binder will be full~ (Though the collection itself will still be incomplete)

    Also, bought the DX Snorlax pokedol from shibihara :D Soooo excited for it. I've got a thing for large plush... *eyes her big TOMY Darkrais, Regigigas and DX Darkrai pokedoll* ...I need to get me a big Arceus TOMY, too.

    completely OT for this journal, but NEW MOON TOMORROW. ASLDKJGFHADKLH BRB DYING


    Nov. 15th, 2009 09:05 pm
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    No strike at work, my Rapidash retsuden stamp is finally on the way from Treasure Japan, and I'm sending out my half of a trade will [ profile] roll_chan89 tomorrow (Vulpix magnet, 151 stamper and coin for Ponyta chibi stamper and a Smoochum figure).

    Still no Rapidash Jakks, but [ profile] yukitsukihana and I are going back to TRU on Thursday to annoy them look for more 8D
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    moar pictures. well, one. )

    today I brought Squidward with me :D no feeties today, since the whatever on the yellow fur is argh and I haven't managed to brush it out yet .____.;;

    and one of my ears flipped back in this photo, tsk!
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    I have no actual pictures of me at Saboten-con because I fail at remembering to bring my camera 8D;;;

    Anywho, putting all the fur on everything was an amazingly fuzzy process - I had to lint-roll myself and the white parts of the costume, sweep, and vacuum afterward. I still haven't fray-checked the ends of the fur, so I'm still shedding like an animal (appropriate? I think so). Today I leaned against something and now my legwarmers have a bunch of dust/dirt in them, though thankfully it's only visible on the yellow. Time to pull out a brush, I suppose... I'm going for the last day tomorrow, though I'm not sure if I'll be going with my Ichigo (his costume is pretty amazing, considering he's a novice at sewing) or if I'll steal his badge and drag my sister.

    apologies for blurry pics~ )

    Ahahaha, I also wore this to visit at work, at our volunteering for a fall festival / trunk-or-treat at a local church, and answering the door for trick-or-treaters :D

    Oh, and a shout-out to someone who said they saw me posting this on LJ - willow something-or-other... I forget ^^; but add me if you see this!


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