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today I was reminded of why I don't shop at GameStop except for pre-order bonuses. went in to get my Rumble Blast, since October 24th is the announced release day. surprise, it's not! street release is tomorrow, October 25th.

but instead of politely informing me that the date had been changed, I was essentially told I was wrong/stupid and that had never been the release date, and that anyone with a copy of the game today had obviously gotten it through shady sources (because Amazon is totally shady - everyone I know who pre-ordered something that released today through there had it delivered today). that plus the general f-you attitude of the clerk was totally off-putting, and I'm seriously considering returning my copy the moment I pick it up tomorrow and buying it somewhere else like Target :/ that's not how you treat a customer, no matter how annoying/stupid you think they are.

bleh. I'm probably raging for no reason or something, but this pissed me off so much earlier. it feels like 95% of the time, GS employees are either douchebags or know nothing about whatever game I'm interested in (or are a wonderful combination of both those traits). the other 5% are great, but it's not worth the effort to find out if I'm lucky that particular day or not.
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sooooo idk? on Sunday, before I went to meetup with [livejournal.com profile] shayminlove to see HP in IMAX 3D and exchange goodies, this idiot in the parking lot at Safeway back his car into me :| which wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that: I pulled out of my parking spot, stopped at the end of the aisle/lane because someone had blocked it (aka the other idiot - why would you park your truck + boat there???), and then Mr. Oblivious started backing out, I hit the horn, he hits me anyway, gets out of his car and asks, "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?"

no duh I saw you >:| backing into my car, because you didn't look behind you. ADKLJAFDHKLJHDS

so anyway, I'm waiting on some quotes to get the dent he put in my door fixed - not that bad, but my car is relatively ~~new and shiny~~, and it makes me sad. naturally, he's paying for everything (yay) and he has to deal with his insurance rates going up and such.

...but I have his address and I really just want to buy some eggs and toilet paper and let my sister and her band friends loose with it. ugh. so angry >__<

then today, this guy who FREAKED OUT (screaming, yelling, tantrum) on me for no good reason two months ago came in and sincerely apologized to me. he said he acted unacceptably, due to going through a bad time in his life, but there wasn't any excuse to treat another person that way and such. it was just... amazing. inspiring. made my day \o/ and maybe increased my faith in humanity.


I only need 8 more cards to have a complete set of Base Set Ponyta! 8D I finally managed to buy AND receive my 1st edition French Ponyta, after the previous ones getting lost in the mail.

Wanted Ponyta:
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
Unlimited Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

\o/ There are 10 other Base Set Ponyta cards, since Japan only printed an unlimited version. now if I can only find the rest of the Jungle Rapidash... I need 8 more to complete that set, too! :o

Wanted Rapidash:
1st Edition German
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

9 other Jungle Rapidash cards - less than Ponyta, since the Jungle set did not have the "shadowless" error cards and fixed reprints. after this, I move on to trying to complete the Rocket set of fire horses! minor progress on that already - 6/17 Dark Rapidash, and 5/17 Ponyta. I'm not looking forward to everything after Legendary Collection, though - that's when Japan started printing first editions, and for some reason the unlimited versions are impossible to find ;___; the Karen's Rapidash promo was printed as unlimited (I have a scan of it!) but I can't find one for sale/auction anywhere.
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minor note: my alerts and messages appear to not be working? P: I can see everything when I view entries, but I don't have anything in my LJ message box. yaaaay.

Just got back from glittering someone's house. Not TPing, glittering. It now looks like a yard sculpted out of Edward Cullen's flesh. This has been the best prank ever, including the fact that the floor of my car is now covered in pretty glitter. We used glitter hairspray in addition to the giant jars of glitter they sell at craft stores. AHAHAHA SO SPARKLY.

Anyway, went to the closets Starbucks afterward to get peppermint hot chocolate because we were cold, and had the WORST SERVICE EVERRRRR. Tatum and Thunderbird Starbucks, I am disappoint. First barista was obviously steaming our milk wrong, since it should never sound like a woman screaming and/or a jet plane coming in to land. I asked if she could re-steam the milk, and it was instant OFFENSE. Second barista our drinks got passed to didn't say a word to us. Someone else walks in to the store, he greets them, is ignored, and I comment, "Don't you just love when people ignore you?" IGNORED. He handed off our drinks, just calling the drink and not our names, and the drinks had not even had the 'courtesy swirl' to mix the syrup with the the milk :/ I do not enjoy drinking hot milk+whipped cream when I expect a peppermint hot chocolate. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE RAGE AT STARBUCKS. I paid $$$$ for good drinks and good service, and received neither. WTF. FEEDBACK EMAIL, GO! o/

This is why I randomly drop in on my coworkers to observe how they treat customers who aren't our regulars. Everybody gets the best service possible, whether or not we see you every day. That's how we get good comment cards from people who live in Seattle, and consistently received 5 star legendary/100% basic service scores from Starbucks secret shoppers (WHY DID THEY DISCONTINUE THESE).


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