Sep. 23rd, 2011 08:11 pm
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got home and shelled out $700 of my emergency funds (already depleted from two cross-country flights) for vet bills :c my cat is sick, and the vet's not sure what's wrong, aside from a possible obstruction in her lower stomach.

there was no abnormal bloodwork, leading the vet to initially say, "oh, she's just overweight and probably has fatty liver disease/diabetes. switch her to all canned food in blah blah amounts, and force feed her if she doesn't eat on her own." didn't work out so well, since Jynx just hacked up what we fed her, and then stopped drinking or using the litterbox. we took her in again today for a round of nausea meds, IV fluids, x-rays and barium. the x-rays showed nothing unusual in her digestive system, but took a long time to pass from her lower stomach. she also has an abnormally shaped left kidney, but it's not clear if this is recent or an outstanding condition (Jynx has never needed x-rays before). x-rays also confirmed no fatty liver disease (yaaaaay).

idk, she's been home for a few hours now and still hasn't done anything. she got a couple ounces of food + the IV fluids, though, so I guess that's good??? ffffff I just feel totally helpless right now. we're taking her in tomorrow morning for a few more x-rays (thankfully no charge) but if she doesn't start eating and drinking, I'm going to have to pay either for emergency surgery or endoscopy to check out/remove a possible blockage. endoscopy costs more, ironically, and can be anywhere from $500 to $1000, but recovery is faster of course, since it's not invasive. guess I'm going to be doing a big sales post or something, because naturally this happened after depleting my emergency money and right before big bills ;___;
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So I have 75% of my Christmas things sent out/thrown at people from cars, and I went to go take the rest of the packages to the post office today. Wound up turning around because there were COPS CARS EVERYWHERE and the PO's right next to gang central |D Haha, and I live like 2 minutes away from there so that's cool. HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE.

I also got my Noppin packages of joy and joyness \o/ Random lot of awesome stuff in there along with GA plush (HOLY CRAP WHY DO THEY WEIGH SO MUCH. Ugh, have to go sort through them), Regice pokedoll figure, stampy-stamp-stampers (I like stampers :|), and keshimon! So many keshimon ;o;

Overall loot that I'm keeping from the random lot:
- Houndour/Houndoom zukan (have to fix Houndoom's peg), Mime Jr. zukan piece
- Heracross Magnet scene gashapon thing
- Charizard Pokedoll strap
- Mew, Lucario, and Mime Jr. metal charms
- Ponyta, Rapidash, and Vaporeon Pogs (from the Japanese Pokemon Master Trainer game?)
- stickerssssss
- Skitty coin purse
- maybe the Dragonite like zukan? I'm undecided, but either way I need to fix Dratini's peg
- Wobblers: Azuril, Spheal, Spinda

- Sudowoodo chibi stamper \o/
- Wooper and Cleffa light-up stampers. Cleffa is broken as heck, BUT WOOPER HAS PURPLE INK.
- Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Togepi, and Delibird 151 Johto stampers

- Holder
- Gold: two different pikas, moltres, articuno
- Silver: jigglypuff, charmander, dragonite, ghastly, dragonite, mew
List of extras up for grabs under the cut )
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Christmas gifts almost ready to send out (I actually got the finishing touch to one today at the Disney store ;D)! My main sewing machine is in the shop, which slowed things down quite a bit :/ They told me it was going to be two and a half weeks minimum before it was fixed... I'm not sure if this means they're not going to look at it for 2.5 weeks or what. I'm afraid of what's going to happen if it needs a part ordered x___x My mom and I are already going crazy, since we usually make a stained glass style quilt/wall-hanging every year for Christmas.
Anyway, we have our old one but it's not the same. It's the same one that I literally overloaded last time I made a (simple!!!) quilt. But pillowcases should be fine on it. I hope.

...Is it a bad idea to send out peppermint fudge type foodstuffs as gifts? This holiday season more people seem to be telling me that they hate peppermint, which is my favorite flavor ever :/ I made peppermint fudge/brownie things to send out to everyone in the states (and the recipe to those outside, since I'm nervous about breaking rules and sending food overseas - does anyone have experience sending stuff like this?), but now I'm second guessing myself. I'd make gingersnaps instead, but then everyone has also been telling me they hate ginger. IDK ANYMORE.

ANYWAY. People need to stop injuring themselves and calling in to work. You should not take corners at 60mph on your motorcycle and wipe out. It is bad.

Concert yesterday was amazing ♥ However, you can only take so much of Bach's Magnificat when exhausted before you start laughing your face off. Needless to say, it was a good thing the bell choir was in the back of the church during that song. I thought we were going to choke XD;; There was more rehearsal today, but just for our 'regular' Christmas stuff, like Ringing Christmas (Carol of The Bells and Christmas Comes Again/Now The Green Blade Riseth/Noel Nouvelet) and Hymn to Joy (I LOVE PLAYING THOSE SONGS ON BELLS ASLDFKJASHDLFKJH). Also, Angels We Have Heard On High is fun, especially when we get to play all of the arrangement we own. Unfortunately, our choir this year is made of suck and fail (not their fault, but the director's), so we won't be doing pretty things like Pavane for a Silent Night, Silent Night, Mary's Boy Child, Breath of Heaven, Little Town of Bethlehem... pretty much all other Christmas songs ever ;___; It's actually a miracle that we're playing at all, since our pastor literally called the bell choir ostentatious, showy, and stopped just short of calling us blasphemous and disrespectful. He's only started being 'nice' to us this past year, and we've played... once? this whole year, and that was at Easter. Orchestra plays once a month at least. Adult and teen bells used to play once a month each :/

Ffff and I need to get to bed because I have inventory to worry about and a shift to cover by myself because of the previously mentioned motorcycle wipe out. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I had more to add to this post but I'm out of time.

*back to chanting 'Think positive'*


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