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#425, Drifloon (フワンて)
Type: Ghost, Flying | Abilities: Aftermath, Unburden
Gender: 50% Male/Female
Location: Valley Windworks

A Pokémon formed by the spirits of people and Pokémon. It loves damp, humid seasons.
It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.

#426, Drifblim (フワライド)
Type: Ghost, Flying | Abilities: Aftermath, Unburden
Gender: 50% Male/Female
Location: evolve from Drifloon at level 28.

It's drowzy in daytime, but flies off in the evening in big groups. No one knows where they go.
It carries people and Pokémon when it flies. But since it only drifts, it can end up anywhere.

I only make a few friends-only entries, but leave a comment if you'd like to be added.


Oct. 29th, 2011 08:22 pm
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first, I hate this stupid font in the html editor. I think it's trying to stab my eyeballs with it's uglyness. I'm also rather annoyed that all my notifications are apparently screwing up even more after this latest lj update :/ I either get no notification, or one days later. so if you commented/replied to me somewhere and I didn't respond, that's why. bleh.

aside from thursday until now - limited internet access between being tired from work, and thursday was my mom's not-chemo appointment. her friend Kathy came with us, and damn did I wish I had the guts to tell a 60 year old woman to STFU. she kept talking when my mom was trying to sleep off some of the benadryl, and then all through the movies we brought to keep busy. I couldn't even retreat into Pokemon Rumble Blast, because I'd start playing and she would nudge me just as she said something ~super entertaining~..... pertaining to nothing I'd know about (her and my mom work together, and she was gossiping). >:|

work is fun and crazy right now. the one barista nobody likes and I can't get rid of is taking 2 months leave to have surgery on her arm (and everyone hopes she won't come back) starting next month. lol, way to get the holidays off... not that I want her working them on her pay rate.
to start off the season, we're having a Halloween sale this weekend: grande fall drinks (pumpkin spice, salted caramel mocha, chai) are $2 after 2pm. this is only at Safeway-owned stores, so we're special snowflakes! \o/ then on Tuesday we magically change overnight to Thanksgiving Blend, red cups, and the Holiday Trio (peppermint mocha, gingerbread, and eggnog). November 15 starts full-on Christmas season, with Caramel Brulee going up and us putting on red aprons... two red aprons for our store. how are we supposed to keep them clean??? .___.;

merchandise is amazing this year, too. Christmas Espresso Roast is nationwide this year, yay! there's a 4-pack of ornaments, containing the 2011 holiday pattern, 2011 white cup pattern, previous logo (siren with text), and the original siren logo (boobs). no clear tumbler ornament this year :c and no tea cup ornament again. standard coffee sampler, taste of tazo, and cocoa trio gift packs, a different gift bag (last year was a box, 2009 was a bag), glass tazo mugs... oh, and we have plush hedgehogs lol. so derpy and cute. my store didn't get any bearistas and I didn't see them in our sku guide, so I'm not sure if they're doing them this year, not that I like them (worst sellers, aside from a few that sell to collectors). I'm excited for the Christmas Blend VIA, since I like my coffee at weird times/places X) the packaging is also adorable (tiny 6-packs of VIA!).

other sales events... there's going to be a Holiday BOGO, as well as a greeting card coupon handed out at stores. December 1st is donations to (RED) as usual, followed by 11 days of sales on specific items. certain items will include a free drink for the recipient after Christmas, and naturally there will be insane clearance deals on anything left at the end of the year.

also, blonde roast is coming. most lolworthy name ever, but I like that they're making some more mild roasts to appease those who like weak not-dark coffee.

hmmm. I need to clear out my extra side collections, too, to make room for wailord cushion (I was one of those who lucked out and preordered). and OMG. I can't imagine carrying so many of those x___x I also figure I finally need more room for my rapidash and floons, plus pokedoll merch and my semi-serious side collections (goth line, munna, happiny, umbreon/espeon/vaporeon, keshimon).
culling: gen 1 water types, most of my baby types, heracross, electric sheep, misc gen 3 pokemon, arcanine, ninetails, girafarig... gdi too many to list. probably going to cut out some of my bats as well.

haaaaah |D yeah, I totally glued on my elf ears and got my geek on. thought about going as a nazgul, but passed since I didn't want to get kicked out or something. GOOD THING, THOUGH. I would have been shown up by the LIFE SIZE SCULPTURE OF A NAZGUL IN THE LOBBY. also Lurtz. omg. and swords and helms and hobbit feet. I bought all three things being sold: symphony CD, program, giant ass hardcover with a breakdown of every song and theme from FOTR to ROTK plus CD with alternate and mock-up tracks from production. read it all. flipped the fuck out. played piano and clarinet and flute every day for a week, plus vowed to fix up and learn my goddamn oboe to play those alskjahkjh sexy themes of darkness in a proper way askjfhakljakjfakjakj Sauron is my favorite aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.
we also marathoned the full extended set, ending about the time people were arriving for my sister's birthday party. I commented, "I want to fight cave trolls." one of the kids replied, "don't quit your day job" and all I could say was, "I already fight trolls at my day job. I work at Starbucks." |D;;;

blah blah blah LOTR taking a break from writing because freaking out again.

anyway. seeing a proper Nazgul costume up insanely close has given me more to work on with my own costume, aside from figuring out a way to either fake the armor or save up for REAL ARMOR (I'll do it, too). mainly I need to grow 2 feet taller and turn into a basketball player, because goddamn I never thought about how tall those Numenoreans are (6-7' average, btw). I need me some STILTS.

uuuuuuuuuhhhhhh I can't even remember half the stuff I was going to write about now because my head is back in nazgul-land. something about being obsessed with Rumble and being sad about no wifi trading/battles/etc.

OH. and I finally got my Pokedoll Collection II boxed figures today :D the set I won after losing like a billion auctions in one week. eeeeeeee ♥ plus a happiny mascot plush and custom candle from a trade with furrettails. I've got to mail her my half on Monday, along with a few other packages :3


Jul. 11th, 2011 05:52 pm
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I have a munna cushion on my head. and it is HUGE. like few pokeplush are. I don't even.

it balances really well on my head. zero effort. it is meant to be.


dx pokedolls. three of them. and pokedoll merch. space penis and time pony and SUSPENSE.

and a silver freaking rapidash metal figure that is more beautiful than [beautiful things]. SILVER. not "there is no finish" / blah grey metal color silver, but SPARKLY, FANCY, WONDERFUL SILVER.


other things:
  • played Telemann duets like a boss today. TELEMANN ♥
  • finished set up for summer 2 promo launch tomorrow
  • tasted ~~fancy~~ new test market beverages. cool lime and very berry hibiscus refreshers. not sure if I like them. too sweet and not enough... tart? I guess for fruity flavored things. however, they have a slice of lime/blackberries in them, which is pretty cool. I want a passion tea lemonade with a slice of lime now.
  • homemade lasagna for dinner. my house smells delicious~
  • ...also I got a fire pokemon duffel bag and another rapidash shirt. yay! \o/
  • ALSO ALSO THINGS FOR [livejournal.com profile] shayminlove :D


    adskjfh I need better light. tomorrow!


    Aug. 6th, 2009 10:29 am
    99reddrifloons: Vince, the shiny vaporeon pokedoll. (ponyta ranch)

    (all new - sort of. Eevee PlushPlush, Arceus pokedoll, Glaceon pokedoll)

    asdkjfh ;; Been so busy/stressed/wishing I was dead IRL that I haven't updated this journal or FHL, and since most of my online accounts direct to this journal, I figured I should post, "No, I'm not dead yet." (seriously, got an email like that a week ago from my HL friends ♥). I would have updated here, but I've been doing most of my online stuff via cellphone - and I don't trust my old, buggy sidekick to actually post to LJ, since it tends to resubmit forms x9000 and screw up anything involving javascript. Bleh. I've been so busy with school (mostly work now, though) that I haven't finished any art at all - this is a problem, since I've got a tattoo design commission that someone's waiting for, not to mention kiriban and plush gifts to be making. Cube!Weezing is actually finished aside from stitching up where I stuffed him, but somehow my extra-strong clear thread has gone missing.

    (actually two things are not like the others but w/e)

    So he's hanging with my floons for now (they moved to a separate shelf - too many balloons and fire horses). I wish I'd had the right color purple for him, but it actually looks pretty good. He's kinda squished in the photo, since my sister was just teasing Fiona by squeaking him - yes, Weezing has a squeaker inside.


    LASTLY, if I ordered anything off Y!J for anyone, please tell me DX Everything in my Crescent box was a mess, since a few bags inside decided to explode everywhere inside their bubblewrap. There were plush, kids, FCS, and metal coins EVERWHERE, and I don't know what was in some of the assorted lots or if I had stuff for other people in there. I've also got another box waiting to ship with Arceus UFOs, big Regigigas TOMY plush, Johto-era(?) TCG binder with Ponyta on it ♥, misc cards/stickers (TCG, Amada, Meiji, Carddass, sticker cards, Topsun, kids, and Bandai Monster Collection), anime cards with Rapidash ♥, a ton of Bandai stampers (accidentally won two lots with Ponyta), friends plush lot (only keeping Mareep, Hoppip, Dratini and maybe Chikorita), two huge misc. zukan lot (omg Arcanine ;.; ), some Giratina and Shaymin stuff, and another clear Rapidash kid. I didn't really think about how much stuff I was going to be receiving. Anybody have pokemon they want me to look for in the miscellaneous lots when it gets here? Seriously, take it away D: I don't have the space for all of that.


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