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because I need to be busy, and I want to type this up and hope lj won't screw with it >>

I laughed when I noticed airgurumi!floon was going >:X (image heavy) )

I'm looking for the only drifloon plush I'm missing - the 吸盤スイングマスコット, or sucker swing mascot plush. Imagine a tiny drifloon hanging from a suction cup and wire. Why imagine? Because I can't find a picture! ;A; ////CRYING FOREVER

Anywho, I know this plush was released in 2008 along with piplup, combee, and burmy (all cloaks) by TOMY Heartland. I missed the plush being sold on amazon (never assume something will eventually show up on y!j!), and haven't been able to find them since. All online stores carrying these guys are out of stock, aside from the AG set ;__;

SO! I'm willing to offer money+the trade of one of my Halloween keychain drifloons. If you have any info on the sucker swing mascot, I will love you forever and shower you with internet cookies and pies and sweets.

"You know you want me!"

and maybe I'll post this to the comm tomorrow. idk.


Jan. 30th, 2010 08:37 pm
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  1. new moodtheme from [livejournal.com profile] omnilugia! ♥

Secondly - got my CS box yesterday, pulled it open to grab my metal figures. Well, went through everything five times or so and only found two Ponytas... but I thought I'd ordered a lot with Rapidash D: So I was sad and mopey, thinking I'd failed and bid on the wrong lot. So I went onto CS to request shipping on everything else I have stored up. Lo and behold - my Rapidash metal figure lot! So I was just stupid .___.;;

My CS box also contained Flint/Volkner doujinshi ♥ suuuuuper cute ;~; Also, my Karen VS half-deck/booster (with Karen's Umbreon!!! asdflkjh), new 3-tier bento, bento picks (drifloon!) and painted Prakoro dice - I'm completely in love with Cyndaquil.
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This weekends gets? Houndour pokedoll and Umbreon/Espeon Pokemon Center charm ♥ I still need to get the Pokemon Time charms and the hourglass (if I ever find it). I'm not going after the bags - I've got way too many purses as it is, and they're out of my preferred price range for their size :P

Still waiting on CS boxes to arrive~ Also added to the current one, with a Ponyta/Rapidash pencil board that I didn't have yet (comes with another Happy!dash pencil board that I don't need, but oh well~). I also just received my Drifblim attack kid, fire energy pin, and one of the Haunted Night promo clearfiles. I still want/need the mini version, plus the handkerchief from last yeat ;o; I don't think I'll ever see that pop up again, unless someone decides to do some collection weeding.
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moar pictures. well, one. )

today I brought Squidward with me :D no feeties today, since the whatever on the yellow fur is argh and I haven't managed to brush it out yet .____.;;

and one of my ears flipped back in this photo, tsk!


Aug. 6th, 2009 10:29 am
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(all new - sort of. Eevee PlushPlush, Arceus pokedoll, Glaceon pokedoll)

asdkjfh ;; Been so busy/stressed/wishing I was dead IRL that I haven't updated this journal or FHL, and since most of my online accounts direct to this journal, I figured I should post, "No, I'm not dead yet." (seriously, got an email like that a week ago from my HL friends ♥). I would have updated here, but I've been doing most of my online stuff via cellphone - and I don't trust my old, buggy sidekick to actually post to LJ, since it tends to resubmit forms x9000 and screw up anything involving javascript. Bleh. I've been so busy with school (mostly work now, though) that I haven't finished any art at all - this is a problem, since I've got a tattoo design commission that someone's waiting for, not to mention kiriban and plush gifts to be making. Cube!Weezing is actually finished aside from stitching up where I stuffed him, but somehow my extra-strong clear thread has gone missing.

(actually two things are not like the others but w/e)

So he's hanging with my floons for now (they moved to a separate shelf - too many balloons and fire horses). I wish I'd had the right color purple for him, but it actually looks pretty good. He's kinda squished in the photo, since my sister was just teasing Fiona by squeaking him - yes, Weezing has a squeaker inside.


LASTLY, if I ordered anything off Y!J for anyone, please tell me DX Everything in my Crescent box was a mess, since a few bags inside decided to explode everywhere inside their bubblewrap. There were plush, kids, FCS, and metal coins EVERWHERE, and I don't know what was in some of the assorted lots or if I had stuff for other people in there. I've also got another box waiting to ship with Arceus UFOs, big Regigigas TOMY plush, Johto-era(?) TCG binder with Ponyta on it ♥, misc cards/stickers (TCG, Amada, Meiji, Carddass, sticker cards, Topsun, kids, and Bandai Monster Collection), anime cards with Rapidash ♥, a ton of Bandai stampers (accidentally won two lots with Ponyta), friends plush lot (only keeping Mareep, Hoppip, Dratini and maybe Chikorita), two huge misc. zukan lot (omg Arcanine ;.; ), some Giratina and Shaymin stuff, and another clear Rapidash kid. I didn't really think about how much stuff I was going to be receiving. Anybody have pokemon they want me to look for in the miscellaneous lots when it gets here? Seriously, take it away D: I don't have the space for all of that.
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...I really need to update [livejournal.com profile] firehorseluv D: I updated the layout but that doesn't count since it's not finished.
On the bright side, I bought several rare flat items from eBay ^^ Like a Ponyta sticker card, Rapidash Meiji card, and the Topsun fire horse cards among other things. I also have the urge to collect Blaine and Flint merchandise ;_; Blaine-want was satisfied by buying the Guren Town theme deck that brianjapan was selling, as well as the 1st ed Holo Blaine card.

Not to be left out, I finally bought a Drifblim chou getto ♥♥♥ The balloons are by far outnumbered by the horses on my shelf.

Also -
March 22!

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フワライド フワライド フワライド~!!!!!!





more gushing over フワライド )


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