Jul. 11th, 2011 05:52 pm
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I have a munna cushion on my head. and it is HUGE. like few pokeplush are. I don't even.

it balances really well on my head. zero effort. it is meant to be.


dx pokedolls. three of them. and pokedoll merch. space penis and time pony and SUSPENSE.

and a silver freaking rapidash metal figure that is more beautiful than [beautiful things]. SILVER. not "there is no finish" / blah grey metal color silver, but SPARKLY, FANCY, WONDERFUL SILVER.


other things:
  • played Telemann duets like a boss today. TELEMANN ♥
  • finished set up for summer 2 promo launch tomorrow
  • tasted ~~fancy~~ new test market beverages. cool lime and very berry hibiscus refreshers. not sure if I like them. too sweet and not enough... tart? I guess for fruity flavored things. however, they have a slice of lime/blackberries in them, which is pretty cool. I want a passion tea lemonade with a slice of lime now.
  • homemade lasagna for dinner. my house smells delicious~
  • ...also I got a fire pokemon duffel bag and another rapidash shirt. yay! \o/
  • ALSO ALSO THINGS FOR [ profile] shayminlove :D


    adskjfh I need better light. tomorrow!
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    the past two weeks have been pretty awesome for getting wants *o*

    * CLEAR Ponyta Take Down kid ♥♥♥
    * Ponyta Pokemon Time clear files ♥
    * Rapidash pencil board! (big thank you to - I wasn't sure if it actually was a pencil board or not ^^)
    * Purple Ponyta keshimon
    * Darkrai DX Pokedoll (in a stroke of awesome, won at the starting price)
    * Ponyta 151 badge ----- seriously, this and the Rapidash pin are grails ;~; and now I have one!
    * Guren Town Badge Set (Blaine, Volcano Badge, Arcanine) (...again, for starting price!)
    * French Rapidash cards: Jungle 1st Ed, Rocket 1st & Unlimited, and Stormfront~

    I can't wait for this stuff to get here asdklfjhlkjsdhf *dies of happy*

    posting from my phone, hope this doesn't screw up 8D; aaaaand... have to go through the CS box that arrived, but not sure when I'll have time - this week's been crazy busy, and it looks like next week will be the same.
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    booster seat needed
    "...I still can't see over the steering wheel."

    Edward the Darkrai attempts to steal my car. However, his stature combined with low seats means not even five phonebooks can aide him in his mission.

    he hates me now :D

    New floon?

    Jun. 4th, 2008 08:36 pm
    99reddrifloons: Vince, the shiny vaporeon pokedoll. (Default)
    Link: AAPF

    In July, Heartland is scheduled to release new swing mascot plushes, including drifloon! 8D

    I'm still missing the Drifloon kid, and need to get the get figures of both drifloon and drifblim. Found the info for the DP series 3 medal collection Drifloon and for the DP series 2 medal collection Drifblim. Also considering adding dialga to my favorites list, but there's so much merchandise and too many bills ;_; (asdkljhf got a bunch of unicorn stuff from ebay, so I'm poor right now, since all bills hit this week and I've got hungry animals to feed)

    Also, if there is anyone reading my posts and knows any more info on this lapras cd, I'd love to know. I wanted to buy it, but as previously mentioned I'm not spending atm. I think I'd rather collect just lapras plush, figures, etc than the cards, since I'm not as obsessed with it as rapidash and floons >>;

    Finally, I got a Piplup stylus for my DS at Circuit City (cheaper than at TRU), and a copy of Emerald on sale at TRU. Also stared at the Ponyta launch figure for a while, but I'm waiting on it until I can buy it and the Drifblim battle link figure in one go. I really want the Darkrai promo set too, because the giant card speaks to me z_z
    ...And I have a freaking army of TRU Darkrais taking up two boxes on my pc 8D I reset a billion times at the store on both days. My piplup army still outnumbers them, though, but I'm going to trade them off gradually anyway.


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