Sep. 27th, 2010 11:36 pm
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I'm trading for another custom plush from cwinget and idk what to get D: help.

because: candle, lamp, chandelier, choroneko, leopard, bambi/dad, erefuun/shiny, kerudio, gochimu, fire moth??? and also drifs, happiny, more fire equines? DDD: this is not a condensed list at allllll

and this is for maybe a couple canvas sized or a 12" plush. IDK.

why am I still awake
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my rapidash custom pokedoll by cwinget ♥ she's waiting on the blue fabric for ponyta right now ^^

also, best questions/comments ever for work:
"So, Starbucks... you must sell a lot of coffee."
"What's a hot chocolate?"
"I need a match." "I'm sorry, ma'am. We don't have matches here at Starbucks. Would you like me to show you where they are in the grocery store?" "No! The store doesn't sell them. I just need a match!" "We... don't have a match, ma'am." ">:C" <-- little old lady, lol.

and the photo keychains came today! going to post pictures in a bit~
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me and some friends are going to be cosplaying as anbu for an upcoming con/Halloween, and I'm making our vests and gloves :3

Anbu Vest Tutorial by ~Cristophine on deviantART

going by that as a ref, but I'm probably going to add an invisible zipper on the side since the material I'm using is not stretchy, and would be kind of awkward to pull on over your head or pull up your body XD; if I were more daring/had more time, I'd probably do something cooler, like a corset for us girls, but I'm already taking on crazy enough shit by attempting light-up gloves (going to wire in some LEDs to the palms, so when the lights are on we'll have ninjutsu!).

la la la~

Sep. 9th, 2010 04:24 pm
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lots of cool stuff today :D

1) only 2 more chemo sessions for my mom! ♥

2) Ponyta picture frame keychain!

crossing my fingers to win the auction, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] denkimouse for sending me the link!

3) Just commissioned some custom plush from [livejournal.com profile] cwinget!

lololol I also totally forgot my nablopomo post yesterday, but in my defense I was fighting with firefox. It was being slow, and I tried everything but what should have been obvious to speed it up. Curse you, Zynga Toolbar! *shakes fist* I expect nothing less from the hellish facebook app nazis >:|

also, I never knew Groove Coverage did a cover of The Last Unicorn \o/


Sep. 7th, 2010 11:40 pm
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link to porcupine_paws' recent completed sculpts

eeeeeee FLINT AND KAREN AND RAPIDASH X3 I can't wait until they get here and I can rearrange my collection shelf ♥♥♥ I already have some space cleared (moved my Stantlers, but now I need somewhere to put them where I can see the awesome amazing pink chibi stamper).

also I just totally geeked out on one of my facebook friends XD she was watching LotR for the first time and didn't get Gandalf the Grey versus Gandalf the White, which is pretty understandable, given the movies don't really give all the necessary information. I still want to see a Saruman of Many Colors that doesn't look like an acid trip.
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Since I was making a latte plush this weekend, I decided to make Vince a headset and a little Shamwow.

...it took me half an hour to turn the tube piece for the headset, since it's so thin. x___x Cutting and stitching for it was done in about five minutes.

It's a fully poseable headset, make from short velvet, pipe cleaner, and a tiny bit of stuffing for the mic. ♥ Vince loves his new headset. :D

In other news, snagged a bulbasaur plushplush for starting price and a gengar pokedoll for just over starting price. Also, off of mbok.jp, I managed to win a Hoenn starters pokedoll charm keyring, a Kanto starters pokedoll promo box (it's one seller that's continuously listing Kanto starter promo merch :o *watches*), and a super awesome amazing Pokepark fruit drops tin! last one not won yet but I don't think I'll have competition.
There's also a pokedoll pencil, pokedoll stickers, a Darkrai pokedoll charm (very beaten up ;~; ), and a shiny DX pika pokedoll in the same box as the plushplush (or soon to be, once I request shipping on them). The box with my Rapidash battle pencil and pokedoll notebook+clearfile came in already, and there's yet another box on the way with my DX-ish torchic pokedoll, stamps, and [livejournal.com profile] yukitsukihana's anime figures~

That's all aside from the pokedolls + merch I picked up from the comm: DX Phanpy, and Dialga pokedoll pencil and screen cleaner. I think I need to be honest with myself and say I'm collecting pokedolls.
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after completing my first repaint (shiny Omastar ♥), I'm pretty confident in my capability to do a few more repaints ^^

To Paint:

  • glow-in-the-dark shiny Stantler

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Stantler

  • red Drifloon kid

  • shiny Drifloon kid

  • shiny Drifblim TOMY

  • shiny Ponyta TOMY (Rapidash, too, if I find one more spare)

  • shiny Rapidash kid (one of the Bounce attack ones ♥)

and I need to do a minor paint repair on one of my clear Drifloon kids, as a tiny bit of paint on one of his arms was missing (factory error or something, since he came sealed). I'll also be painting a custom mini-backpack for myself and my sister ^^ Mine will likely have Rapidash and Drifloon, while hers will have Weezing (any others are pending, since she hasn't decided).
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Thank you [profile] ladylegsdarkrai! Most awesome-tastic present EVER.

Shiny Ditto: *gropegropegrope*
Blitz: ... oO;;;; IT'S TOUCHING ME
Fluffy & ???: LOL. At least you get a Volcano Badge for it ;D

;_; I still need to name her. My sister's voting for Chuck.
She's totally going in my car, at least, while I'm driving it. :D She's the perfect size to hang on my rearview mirror (and not distract me in an epic way - Fluffy does that ^^; ). X3 I couldn't stand to leave her alone, without any other fire horses to chillax with. She'll get to ride with me & Darkrai, though, once he gets here.

I'm totally wearing the Volcano Badge :DDD

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And that's all. Will take better pics when I get new camera batteries (need lithium, have alkaline, so bad camera gets used).
Time~ 4 hours, but counting interruptions
Materials- Sparkly white cotton fabric, orange felt, red yarn (can't remember the name of style), yellow embroidery thread for the cord, red bell, fluffy poly-something filler. Eyes=sharpie.

...D: I really want to play yellow/blue now. I'm craving the music, graphics, and my gray brick.
Red is for losers.


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