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moar pictures. well, one. )

today I brought Squidward with me :D no feeties today, since the whatever on the yellow fur is argh and I haven't managed to brush it out yet .____.;;

and one of my ears flipped back in this photo, tsk!
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I have no actual pictures of me at Saboten-con because I fail at remembering to bring my camera 8D;;;

Anywho, putting all the fur on everything was an amazingly fuzzy process - I had to lint-roll myself and the white parts of the costume, sweep, and vacuum afterward. I still haven't fray-checked the ends of the fur, so I'm still shedding like an animal (appropriate? I think so). Today I leaned against something and now my legwarmers have a bunch of dust/dirt in them, though thankfully it's only visible on the yellow. Time to pull out a brush, I suppose... I'm going for the last day tomorrow, though I'm not sure if I'll be going with my Ichigo (his costume is pretty amazing, considering he's a novice at sewing) or if I'll steal his badge and drag my sister.

apologies for blurry pics~ )

Ahahaha, I also wore this to visit at work, at our volunteering for a fall festival / trunk-or-treat at a local church, and answering the door for trick-or-treaters :D

Oh, and a shout-out to someone who said they saw me posting this on LJ - willow something-or-other... I forget ^^; but add me if you see this!

yay fur!

Oct. 11th, 2009 07:51 am
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Started working on my Rapidash gijinka cosplay today :D So far, I have the base parts done, and am finishing up dying the fur that I'm going to be using for the flames. I wasn't patient enough to find a fur online that was pre-dyed and with a longer pile - maybe next time. I'm considering this a practice costume, since it's my first time working with fur (on my own) and dying (again, on my own).

So far:
* Arm & leg warmer bases - needs 'flames' to be added
* Horn
* Ears
* Shoes picked out! Honestly, I'm so glad I don't have to go running around searching for something appropriate...

Now I have to decide what I'm using as a base for my mane/horn/ears. I'm thinking a hat base would be most appropriate, and then I'll sew the ears into the seams, and stitch on the horns and mane. Then just the tail, which'll be interesting to construct.

My other costume for Halloween and Saboten-con is going to be a pokemon breeder ♥ A much easier project than Rapidash. I literally only have to add the pokeball logo onto the apron (a lightweight green denim).


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