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Dec. 22nd, 2011 07:24 am
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I have nothing to say for myself... I went balls-to-the-wall crazy bidding on this, after deliberating for a couple days over whether I could afford it (between bills, community purchase commitments, etc), where I would put it, and if it was really something I wanted to pursue.

I don't know if I can call this a grail. The giant PC Lapras has been on my wants list for ages, and wasn't something I ever thought I'd obtain even before confirming out how rare it was on pkmncollectors (not seeing it listed on any ancient sales websites or in anyone's collection, aside from the mysterious photo on someone's porch that everyone has), much less see for auction. I was even debating about parting with my small lapras collection, since obtaining the giant PC plush and "completing" it was such an impossibility. I'm glad I didn't! Tracking down the rest of the lapras plush, and even the mirage plush, seems like it has purpose again, and I can confidently say I'll be motivated to resume tracking down lapras figures as well :D

The only thing remaining now is the anxiety-ridden wait for it to arrive safely at Treasure Japan's warehouse and be shipped to me. At least this will give me time to clear off the space I want to put her, and likely clear out a majority of what's left of my never-seen side collections x)

I want to put her right at the foot of my bed on my piano bench, which is a space that has up until now been occupied by Gandalf the Arceus TOMY plush, my fire horse binders, and a box full of whatever is currently in my sales post/designated to go there. I'll need to get rid of all that, as well as most of my unneeded sales items, to even have a shot at fitting Lapras there. I think some of my big plush will have to go, too, because I've got way too many large plush now that are main/side collections to keep ones that aren't. Spare Regigias TOMY, Infernape TOMY, and DX Kirakira Arceus must go.

Though... she might be too wide to fit on my piano bench, which means I'll need to have a backup place for her. While puzzled over where else to put Lapras, I am quite pleased that I have the opportunity to have this problem :)


Dec. 5th, 2011 07:02 pm
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sent out a christmas package to [ profile] shiningmew today, and gave [ profile] shayminlove gifts on Saturday :D I still need to get some brown paper to wrap [ profile] antoj's box before mailing, because I don't want to send a box with labels that let everyone know what's inside lololol.

also organized a bit of my slowly shrinking side-collection shelf... I don't want to get rid of stuff, but there's other pokemon I want room for XD having a hard time letting go of horsea/seadra things, especially shiny silver metal figure ♥ Krabby and Goldeen lines are almost gone, debating getting rid of the rest of Shellder. I'm keeping Omanyte and Lapras, though! as well as purple bats (sent all the other ones to [ profile] captainangel!). good thing is that there's room for more wails, pokedoll figures, keshimon, munna and goths! I also moved around my rapidash mini models, since I needed to put my purple ones in :3 purple ponies! I need to do the same with my floons, since I've got two custom redfloons that need better spots ^^;

also, collection picspam below. pokedolls and fire pony mania! )

oh yeah, I counted and that's 113 unique fire horse tcg. this is what happens when your favorite doesn't have a lot of merchandise o7 hopefully this week I'll have a chance to take prettier pics to post on the comm.

and in a little bit, I'll go back to tagging~ almost finished with 2007!
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asldjhaskldjh I am flipping out because this pokedoll craft tape that I though was this tiny little tape roll

is actually a HUGE roll of plushplush craft tape. like the size of a roll of duct tape omg

it's still sticky and unused and omggggggg. I bid 7000 yen on it thinking it was tiny and pokedoll BUT IT'S HUGE AND PLUSHPLUSH ASKDJAHDKJH

plus, in the same box came ALL THE STATIONARY IN THE WORLD. and there is a 2002 pokedoll notepad featuring the first run pokedolls!

alsooooo my plushplush label sheet :DDD and gothita line zukan and shopper bag. today is a good day for material goods. totally taking crappy pictures (lighting is terrible - we have clouds!!!) in a bit.

also for the cat! she is fine, and worth $800 more than two weeks ago. $800 HAIRBALL, HOW DID YOU DO THAT. she's a shorthair cat, and our longhair cat is an outdoor cat only. whaaaaat. Jynx you are evil.
as I type this, she's sitting at my feet smugly waiting for her fancy feast.


Sep. 20th, 2011 07:27 pm
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getting close to the end of our stay in WV.

we took one flight to Charlotte, NC, had a 3 hour layover, and then a 40 minute flight to Charleston, WV. after a short drive plus stops at New River Gorge Park and Tamarak (gallery with the best of West Virginia artisan crafts), we checked in at the General Lewis Inn, grabbed some snacks and crashed. my dad and I each had a room to ourselves, which was nice :o a lot of people see the rooms and think they're displays of antique furniture, not the actual hotel rooms.

the memorial service was on Saturday, and it was nice. my dad spoke, and probably had the best speech, since he was just sharing memories of his dad and talking to everyone like they were family. my uncle and his lady-friend also spoke, though we couldn't hear her speech (she spoke too softly). my uncle quoted from a book and sent everyone into tears. something along the lines of, "I realized when my father winked at me, that he was teaching me how to die."

after the service, we headed back for a reception at the inn, and talked with all the locals while enjoying delicious food and wine. there had also been a service that day for one of the Tuckwillers, who I later met while visiting their farm (today, actually). we went with a few people to Applebee's for dinner, which was awful. we got to our table, waited 40 minutes to have our order taken, and then it was just bad :/ how do you mess up broccoli?

I crashed again, then got up to go to mass with my cousin's wife (I say cousin, but he's my grandmother's cousin. idk what that makes him to me). she drives like a bat out of hell, and i was pretty sure I'd die before getting to church D8 we made it, anyway, to a tiny church in Ronceverte called St. Catherine's. I had to try not to laugh when we prayed for all the poor souls trapped in Purgatory (because seriously purgatory??? who still believes in that lmao).

afterwards dad and I had breakfast at the inn, and felt almost guilty (we eat free because we're owners OTL). then we headed over to my grandparents' house to help clean, organize and photograph for the appraiser. there were a few things set aside for us already that didn't need to be inventoried: a set of sterling silver, an owl bolo tie, and an assortment of jewelry and horse goodies. I spent my time cleaning out the kitchen - fridge, pantry, etc. the only thing we left there was the liquor, since it's not going bad any time soon.

afterwards we had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, which was the BEST EVER. serious foodgasm. there was the 'shrimp fondue' which wasn't really fondue, but a dip, and we also had salad bar, biscuits, and then the main course for me was a mushroom swiss burger with broccoli (a common theme for me) and baked potato. so freaking good. \o/

my dad and I headed back to the hotel, where he moved rooms since we're just staying in spare/unsold rooms, and I played some of my White version before crashing.

Monday we spent wrapping up and shipping the silverware and jewelry, plus packing an extra box for the things I'd bought at Tamarak. I also talked him into taking me antiquing, where I found a unicorn tapestry plate (yaaaaaay) plus two classic pepsi character glasses for my mom. I grabbed Speedy Gonzales and Woody Woopecker~ lol not looking forward to shipping those.

aaaaand today, we had breakfast from Hardee's, which sucked. I hate fast food breakfast ^^; then instead of going to the New River Gorge Bridge like we planned, we went to the Northhouse Museum and then to visit the Tuckwiller's horse farm. they showed us around their house, which has been in the family for 6 generations =O the house itself is amazing (log cabin + an add-on) not to mention the furniture inside - lots of victorian and empire pieces, all either minty fresh or restored with love and care.

then my favorite part: we got to go outside and meet the horses and see the carriages B) the Tuckwillers train and breed Canadians and Morgans, which they use both in competition and in re-enactments. we got to meet the 9-month old foals, Buck and Bess. Buck was utterly adorable, being a completely rude, bitey troublemaker. Bess and her dam were more reserved, and Bess is going to be a big girl, despite both her parents being the same size. Doc was the stallion, and very sweet tempered for a stallion. he had an amazing mane and tail to go with his pitch black coat~

we also got to meet Traveler, named for her looks - she's a near perfect match for Robert E. Lee's horse Traveler, who was bred in Greenbriar County (where we are). Lewisburg and Greenbriar County are Southern sympathizers ^^; there's quite a few people who still mention the "recent unpleasantness."

speaking of the south, I got to hear a wonderful story about my grandmother. Elizabeth, who's worked at the inn for 36 years now, had been waiting tables in the dining room when a child called after her, "n----- n----- n-----~" and the adults at the table laughed about it. Elizabeth was hurt and totally in shock that a) the child had called her that, and b) the parents had laughed. not knowing how to deal with it, she went to the office and told my grandmother about what had happened. my grandmother walked right into the dining room and up to their table and said, "Get your things and leave now. You're not welcome here, and I'd better not see you again." she didn't give them a refund or anything ♥

and now I'm getting ready for bed again. tomorrow I'm going shopping a little more, and hopefully we'll get to go to the bridge if the weather's good. then I'll hit up the post office and start packing =A= our flight leaves Thursday morning, and we'll be back in Phoenix by 7pm. I'll have three more days of 'vacation' and some packages to gleefully tear open when I return~
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so worth it. now to get the regular version~

(and yes, there are other clear sparkle ponies)


Aug. 26th, 2011 08:52 pm
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thank you so much [ profile] shayminlove for finding the beanie for me! ♥
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because I need to be busy, and I want to type this up and hope lj won't screw with it >>

I laughed when I noticed airgurumi!floon was going >:X (image heavy) )

I'm looking for the only drifloon plush I'm missing - the 吸盤スイングマスコット, or sucker swing mascot plush. Imagine a tiny drifloon hanging from a suction cup and wire. Why imagine? Because I can't find a picture! ;A; ////CRYING FOREVER

Anywho, I know this plush was released in 2008 along with piplup, combee, and burmy (all cloaks) by TOMY Heartland. I missed the plush being sold on amazon (never assume something will eventually show up on y!j!), and haven't been able to find them since. All online stores carrying these guys are out of stock, aside from the AG set ;__;

SO! I'm willing to offer money+the trade of one of my Halloween keychain drifloons. If you have any info on the sucker swing mascot, I will love you forever and shower you with internet cookies and pies and sweets.

"You know you want me!"

and maybe I'll post this to the comm tomorrow. idk.
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sooooo idk? on Sunday, before I went to meetup with [ profile] shayminlove to see HP in IMAX 3D and exchange goodies, this idiot in the parking lot at Safeway back his car into me :| which wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't for the fact that: I pulled out of my parking spot, stopped at the end of the aisle/lane because someone had blocked it (aka the other idiot - why would you park your truck + boat there???), and then Mr. Oblivious started backing out, I hit the horn, he hits me anyway, gets out of his car and asks, "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?"

no duh I saw you >:| backing into my car, because you didn't look behind you. ADKLJAFDHKLJHDS

so anyway, I'm waiting on some quotes to get the dent he put in my door fixed - not that bad, but my car is relatively ~~new and shiny~~, and it makes me sad. naturally, he's paying for everything (yay) and he has to deal with his insurance rates going up and such.

...but I have his address and I really just want to buy some eggs and toilet paper and let my sister and her band friends loose with it. ugh. so angry >__<

then today, this guy who FREAKED OUT (screaming, yelling, tantrum) on me for no good reason two months ago came in and sincerely apologized to me. he said he acted unacceptably, due to going through a bad time in his life, but there wasn't any excuse to treat another person that way and such. it was just... amazing. inspiring. made my day \o/ and maybe increased my faith in humanity.


I only need 8 more cards to have a complete set of Base Set Ponyta! 8D I finally managed to buy AND receive my 1st edition French Ponyta, after the previous ones getting lost in the mail.

Wanted Ponyta:
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
Unlimited Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

\o/ There are 10 other Base Set Ponyta cards, since Japan only printed an unlimited version. now if I can only find the rest of the Jungle Rapidash... I need 8 more to complete that set, too! :o

Wanted Rapidash:
1st Edition German
1st Edition Italian
1st Edition Dutch
1st Edition Spanish
1st Edition Korean
Unlimited Korean
1st Edition Portuguese
Unlimited Portuguese

9 other Jungle Rapidash cards - less than Ponyta, since the Jungle set did not have the "shadowless" error cards and fixed reprints. after this, I move on to trying to complete the Rocket set of fire horses! minor progress on that already - 6/17 Dark Rapidash, and 5/17 Ponyta. I'm not looking forward to everything after Legendary Collection, though - that's when Japan started printing first editions, and for some reason the unlimited versions are impossible to find ;___; the Karen's Rapidash promo was printed as unlimited (I have a scan of it!) but I can't find one for sale/auction anywhere.
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ugh =___= so tired. today was randomly a 23487132694876 times busier than it's been in... a month? something like that. our shipment came in minus the cool lime juice, and with a destroyed case of very berry hibiscus juice (that name is so ridiculous). so there was juice everywhere and nowhere, and we had to clean up, send an emergency order (we needed that juice!), and a credit request. everything else on the shipment was squished, mangled, and sticky, but useable :|

ANYWAY. I got to come home to a shiny new ponyta marble and a german rocket's ponyta ♥ so there's that.

also, sales post because I need more space in my room:

also also, I blame yukitsukihana for getting me all excited about card collecting again. I want to finish all my old sets, new sets, and get pretty binders/portfolios for them XD; but first, I need to organize and figure out what I'm missing (other than almost everything after Neo Discovery until Diamond & Pearl). except I don't want base set 2, because that set is a jerk.

...I'm going to take a nap now >>
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borrowed my sister's new, fancy camera (I really don't know how to adjust the settings, though, oh well) to take some pictures of my new pokedoll stuff~

image heavy~ )

all up now! makes it feel like a lot less stuff XD


Jul. 11th, 2011 05:52 pm
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I have a munna cushion on my head. and it is HUGE. like few pokeplush are. I don't even.

it balances really well on my head. zero effort. it is meant to be.


dx pokedolls. three of them. and pokedoll merch. space penis and time pony and SUSPENSE.

and a silver freaking rapidash metal figure that is more beautiful than [beautiful things]. SILVER. not "there is no finish" / blah grey metal color silver, but SPARKLY, FANCY, WONDERFUL SILVER.


other things:
  • played Telemann duets like a boss today. TELEMANN ♥
  • finished set up for summer 2 promo launch tomorrow
  • tasted ~~fancy~~ new test market beverages. cool lime and very berry hibiscus refreshers. not sure if I like them. too sweet and not enough... tart? I guess for fruity flavored things. however, they have a slice of lime/blackberries in them, which is pretty cool. I want a passion tea lemonade with a slice of lime now.
  • homemade lasagna for dinner. my house smells delicious~
  • ...also I got a fire pokemon duffel bag and another rapidash shirt. yay! \o/
  • ALSO ALSO THINGS FOR [ profile] shayminlove :D


    adskjfh I need better light. tomorrow!
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    just got netflix on my wii. spending the rest of my life watching nature documentariessssss \o/ at least those rare moments when I have time for a life.
    I've got two packages that should have been here a while ago that are MIA :/ another package I sent is also MIA. beginning to question my nearest PO. yesterday I got to the door five seconds after the bell rang, and a delivery lady was there writing a slip for a SAL package that didn't require a signature and should have been left at the door. um, what? idk, I'm also in a bad mood this week and not sure why.


    probably the prettiest thing ever. I'll get a fancy scan of it later.
    I imagine angels singing when I look at it.


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    I was going to take a picture of my woobat display, but forgot |D I also realized that I started Black version too late and will have to beg for a Victini (the one on my White version is traded away orz). I did get my mystery egg, and Black version hatched a Pansage - since I used one in White, I just put him in the PC. My current team is wat the oshawott, Looker the patrat, cheese the lillipup, basement the purrloin, flint the pansear, and tumor the munna. I haven't let anyone evolve yet, nor decided who's going to be boxed to make room for 3.141 the pidove (did you know it won't let you use more than 4 digits in a row to nickname?).
    Dream World was fun~ I brought home a female farfetch'd for Black, and... somethingorother on White. I'm more preoccupied with moving some of my dittos over on White version ♥ I won't be training anything for VGC this year, though, since I'm not going out of state to battle :c This leaves me unsure of what to start breeding.

    on Vdex, I'm trying to decide what trainer sprite I want to upgrade to (currently on the default Kotone). I've been looking at Will, Karen, Winona, and Fantina (only because lolfloondress). I'm working on my crobat's beauty (tried the beauty contest yesterday when she had 15 stars, but it wasn't enough to win), and on getting my torterra to level 100 (less than a week away!). I'm up to 11 different berry types, and have almost 10 of everything but enigma (takes 48 hours to grow, and I'm only planting one at a time >>).

    That's my current team - Keldeo was an event prize ♥ everyone else is leveling up (or getting happy in the case of cleffa). I'm not sure what's in the egg, but I can't wait to find out :3

    back to collection stuff! somewhere in the mail, I have a ton of pokedoll merchandise and floons ;3; I've already got a shelf ready and waiting for it. also, I think I'm missing a total of five munna plush, and nearly all the figures. fail! I need the cushion, both mascots, pokecen plush, and maybe one more... did munna get released multiple times as a mascot (excluding ballchain and black thread loop)? hm. I also need the tomy, cell phone charm/straps, zukan (this is just being lazy), stamper, kid, and a tin that I saw once and didn't bid on :/ There's also the hair clips, headband, etc. from a promo a while back... and all the flats I don't want to think about. I've got a bunch of (planned) bills coming up for my car, though, so I can't go searching for them just yet. boooo.
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    so I did get the flu after all for the first time in a few years >> but I'm better now, and working on my play-through on white. I just can't decide who I want on my team.

    current party:
    Luchador the Pignite
    Lyvita the Liepard
    Ackward the Tympole
    Metroid the Munna
    Elvira the Woobat <--- aaah, two psychics. DILEMMA.
    Bandito the Blitzle

    in the PC at the moment:
    br0colli the Pansage
    Dix the Sandile
    Sharpei the Scraggy
    roll the Roggenrola
    Faaabulous the Timburr
    McNugget the Darumaka
    Pidge the Pidove
    Clove the Petili
    Xo the Herdier
    Behemoth the Venipede
    Esme the Sewaddle
    Nee the Sawk
    Five the Throh
    Tabunne the Audino
    Patrat, who did not get a nickname
    (and some others I can't remember)

    I got a few things in the mail during all of that, and need to send out stuff ;o; tomorrow I'm going to the tour, however, even though my friends who were supposed to come with me wound up getting scheduled at work. maybe I can talk one of them into coming along later~

    Tortilla the Emboar pokedoll
    blitzle, whimsicott and snotbear pokedolls
    pokedoll stickers!
    pokedoll spiral notepad
    lucario pokedoll figure keychain
    2006 pokedoll drawstring bag ♥
    custom walky rapidash charm from tomokii
    pikachu not-a-pokedoll

    also a uni plush that one of my coworkers won for me out of a vending machine XD I didn't even realize it was a neopets plush until I saw the tush tag, since there wasn't a hangtag (came off in the machine).

    lastly, I can't decide what plush to bring with me. Vince of course, but I am also considering Keldeo, Luna Lovegood (Chandelure), and Tortilla (he's so fat and I love him XD). I have a feeling it'll be Keldeo, but he's so big I'm not sure :x ANYWAY, SO EXCITED!

    blah blah

    Feb. 18th, 2011 09:30 pm
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    if something could go wrong today, it did |D thankfully, I only had to work until 3 and then I ran the heck away. now I'm back to thinking positive instead of thinking mean things at people (seriously, don't ask me if a coffee drink tastes the same as a non-coffee drink. ONE HAS COFFEE, ONE DOES NOT. THIS IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE). ok, now back to thinking positive. honest.

    good things today!:
    - rain, sort of
    - supplies arrived on time
    - no fires, AND we got to throw away all of our stock in the backroom, which takes care of all the extra cups/lids my previous assistant manager ordered OVER A YEAR AGO because he's a derp-face (and still is, even though he's a manager at another sbux now XD;;)
    - finishing taking pictures between clouds (spoilers for my eventual update post) )


    this art scares me so much D:
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    So I have 75% of my Christmas things sent out/thrown at people from cars, and I went to go take the rest of the packages to the post office today. Wound up turning around because there were COPS CARS EVERYWHERE and the PO's right next to gang central |D Haha, and I live like 2 minutes away from there so that's cool. HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE.

    I also got my Noppin packages of joy and joyness \o/ Random lot of awesome stuff in there along with GA plush (HOLY CRAP WHY DO THEY WEIGH SO MUCH. Ugh, have to go sort through them), Regice pokedoll figure, stampy-stamp-stampers (I like stampers :|), and keshimon! So many keshimon ;o;

    Overall loot that I'm keeping from the random lot:
    - Houndour/Houndoom zukan (have to fix Houndoom's peg), Mime Jr. zukan piece
    - Heracross Magnet scene gashapon thing
    - Charizard Pokedoll strap
    - Mew, Lucario, and Mime Jr. metal charms
    - Ponyta, Rapidash, and Vaporeon Pogs (from the Japanese Pokemon Master Trainer game?)
    - stickerssssss
    - Skitty coin purse
    - maybe the Dragonite like zukan? I'm undecided, but either way I need to fix Dratini's peg
    - Wobblers: Azuril, Spheal, Spinda

    - Sudowoodo chibi stamper \o/
    - Wooper and Cleffa light-up stampers. Cleffa is broken as heck, BUT WOOPER HAS PURPLE INK.
    - Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Togepi, and Delibird 151 Johto stampers

    - Holder
    - Gold: two different pikas, moltres, articuno
    - Silver: jigglypuff, charmander, dragonite, ghastly, dragonite, mew
    List of extras up for grabs under the cut )
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    soooo early this morning I woke up to hover over two clearfile auctions, and a winner is me 8D
    I got what I'm pretty sure is the larger version of my mini DP pokedoll clearfile, plus the 2008-2009 Halloween clearfiles, and a whole bunch of others ♥ I seriously love the art on clearfiles - kind of an extension of my love for pencilboards. so, without further blah, the gets!


    click for moar clearfiles! )

    the only ones I think I'll keep are the pokedolls, 2008 Halloween, Pikachu Festival (there's a ponyta in the background!), the Domino's clearfile, and maybe the Dragon Trio + Arceus and that new Pikachu promo one ♥ such pretty art x3

    unfortunately, unless the shipping is ninja fast and Crescent is equally ninja fast on packaging, I won't get these until after their grand re-opening :c
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    yaaay bad cellphone pics! \o/

    idk I'm just bored waiting for a box to arrive from the evil customs monster. it has a super special pokedoll box inside it, and some pokedoll charms, too. oh! and a pokepark candy tin with floons ^^

    yeah that's a complete set of rapidash chibi stampers. bask in their glory.


    Jul. 24th, 2010 10:21 pm
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    july is magical.
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    didn't want to post these until I'd won them, but

    the inside of the notepad has the evolved starers. :3 I gave no idea about the clearfile, not even what size it is (mini or large???). nonetheless, I am excited~

    ...and also in denial about pokedoll collecting. I like the flat merch, plushplush and the DX dolls, but not all of the regular dolls really 'hit the spot' for me. I really don't like my beast pokedolls, for example :| they really just don't seem as high-quality as the older dolls I have, and that includes the drunken eeveelutions. Now those shiny beast pokedolls... ;~; I'd settle for a suicune, but I'd rather save my money for main collections.

    Still no luck on the search for clear Ponyta re-release kid. Boo. I also can't believe I'm turning 22 on Thursday D: Woe.


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