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I won't be awake for midnight partying since I'm still recovering from a nasty cold/sinus infection, but Happy New year from Arizona to everyone.

Pokemon-Related Resolutions:
  • Upload all American merch to [livejournal.com profile] firehorseluv.

  • actually post a collection update to [livejournal.com profile] pkmncollectors. lol, haven't done that in over a year now ^^;;;

  • Obtain all English language fire horse cards. Delta Species Ponyta, I'm looking at you.

  • Finish Pokedex on all my carts, new and old, before HGSS. Hack time for RBY, battery replacement time time for GS.
    FML this one's going to suck. More of a challenge than a resolution.

  • Get rid of some of my excess from misc. lots (that contained fire horses, so I had to get them of course).
  • soooo~

    Sep. 11th, 2009 05:17 pm
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    I started going through some of my CS box today, mostly to go through the two zukan/chou get/footprint figures/IDK MY BFF JILL lots. I knew I was getting a few interesting zukan (like Arcanine ♥) but I didn't know I was going to get so many rarer sets. Most are baseless or opened.

    Raichu line (no Pichu, it's lost ;~; )
    Squirtle line
    Oddish line
    Bellsprout line
    2 Togetic line :D

    And not sure if these are rare or not, but I don't see them too often:
    Goldeen line
    Koffing line
    Tentacool line
    Duskull line

    Other random figures of excitement are my second clear Rapidash kid, Banette TFG/chess piece, Shuppet metal figure, Wynaut suction cup figure, D&P cup set A (fire, water, dragons, and normal~), Espeon footprint figure (I think that's right...), GIANT CARDFILE WITH GOLD PONYTA ON IT OMG, Rapidash Cardass card, Holo Rapidash 1st Movie Card (Japanese, similar to the Topps cards), and TWO Rapidash "versus" cards (Weepinbell and Blastoise, unfortunately both owning my poor fire unicorn ;; ).

    There's a bunch of other stuff (like the stampers) that I still have to go through, but the zukan and card lots were my first victims. I'm pleased that I found so many Rapidash cards, but sad that luck wasn't with me on the lot of sticker cards - plenty of pokemon I like, but no Rapidash. The Snorlax sticker card is sparkly :D
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    I came home to more Pokemon stuff, and a sudden realization that I need to have legendary plush that begin with a 'D'. Darkrai, yes. Dialga, yes. Deoxys? NEED. Just a small one, though  ^^; Oh, and I also won a lot of NIB kids, but I can't have them shipped until CS is back from holiday... a very irritating thing D< I missed out on a clear floon kid and a clear blim kid from the same seller. Hopefully I'll find another listing for more next week. It would work out that all the clear floons appear when I can't bid.

    Collection and wants are updated, firehorseluv was updated a while ago, and I've determined Corsola is too cute and ate my soul :D Courtesy of the pokedoll, I now want figures of her.

    Lastly, I need the Japanese 1st edition Jungle Rapidash card like you have no idea. NO IDEA AT ALL. Because I can't move on card-wise without it, and I really crave those new release Ponyta and Rapidash cards.

    ..hah, there's a clear Weezing kid in my car. I find that ridiculously amusing XD
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    Thank you [profile] ladylegsdarkrai! Most awesome-tastic present EVER.

    Shiny Ditto: *gropegropegrope*
    Blitz: ... oO;;;; IT'S TOUCHING ME
    Fluffy & ???: LOL. At least you get a Volcano Badge for it ;D

    ;_; I still need to name her. My sister's voting for Chuck.
    She's totally going in my car, at least, while I'm driving it. :D She's the perfect size to hang on my rearview mirror (and not distract me in an epic way - Fluffy does that ^^; ). X3 I couldn't stand to leave her alone, without any other fire horses to chillax with. She'll get to ride with me & Darkrai, though, once he gets here.

    I'm totally wearing the Volcano Badge :DDD

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    XD my ranch is Nazzii Ranch. I never really thought about the way I replaced the 'y' in 'Nazzy' with the double i, but... asdfhi someone shoot me (they will, sooner or later).

    Anywho, no Rapidash in my ranch yet, but a ponyta, 4 floons, and 4 darkrais among other 'mons.

    I am completely in love with ponyta's attitude towards, well, everything ALIVE. She keeps on flaming everything, aside from Hayley;s Mudkip because she's afraid of it.

    I'm on fire! :D

    Collection stuff... waiting for a zillion things, atm. Take Down Ponyta, reg Ponyta, and two different Rapidash kids, as well as the Rapidash dice game expansion and a Ponyta battrio coin.
    I only have to get the 1st Ed Japanese Jungle Rapidash to have all from that set :D Idk if there's more in other languages, but I can't find any on ebay... there might be some on cardhaus, so I'll be looking later this week. French and German releases have at least ponyta, though.
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    Went ahead and bought both DS colors today... but I'm giving the blue to my Dad on Father's Day, along with Assassin's Creed. Keeping the black shiny for myself :3

    Decided to splurge and actually buy some booster packs today too. The last booster packs I opened were for the Base Set. oO
    Anywho, stared at the Glaceon MD deck, but decided to ignore it since I don't really need it, and got 3 boosters. Opened them to find:

    Holo Glaceon (XD)
    Holo Palkia
    Holo & Reg Raichu
    Reverse Holo Eevee
    Reg Drifloon (asdfkjabkavas THANK YOU. Now I just need the reverse holo)
    Reg Munchlax

    Then a zillion Turtwigs, Aipoms, Chimchars, Bronzors, Prinplups and Dusk Balls (1 rev holo, 2 reg).
    Will be either stealing my sister's camera or scanning them tomorrow-ish. I only really wanted the floon, eeveelutions, and baby pokes, so the rest will most likely be up for grabs.

    Oh yeah, and was accepted into [community profile] pkmncollectors today! Will be making an intro post soon-ish x)

    edit: asdfkjhadf;hk DDDDDD: How does this creature manager to get my floon off the shelf? T_T At least he's not unstuffed or completely covered in collie slobber... For serious, I think this dog targets Drifloon because he looks like a ball (and ofc, the plush aspect). Bleh. Plushies are moving up a shelf or two so Fiona can't reach them whatsoever.


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