Dec. 5th, 2011 07:02 pm
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sent out a christmas package to [ profile] shiningmew today, and gave [ profile] shayminlove gifts on Saturday :D I still need to get some brown paper to wrap [ profile] antoj's box before mailing, because I don't want to send a box with labels that let everyone know what's inside lololol.

also organized a bit of my slowly shrinking side-collection shelf... I don't want to get rid of stuff, but there's other pokemon I want room for XD having a hard time letting go of horsea/seadra things, especially shiny silver metal figure ♥ Krabby and Goldeen lines are almost gone, debating getting rid of the rest of Shellder. I'm keeping Omanyte and Lapras, though! as well as purple bats (sent all the other ones to [ profile] captainangel!). good thing is that there's room for more wails, pokedoll figures, keshimon, munna and goths! I also moved around my rapidash mini models, since I needed to put my purple ones in :3 purple ponies! I need to do the same with my floons, since I've got two custom redfloons that need better spots ^^;

also, collection picspam below. pokedolls and fire pony mania! )

oh yeah, I counted and that's 113 unique fire horse tcg. this is what happens when your favorite doesn't have a lot of merchandise o7 hopefully this week I'll have a chance to take prettier pics to post on the comm.

and in a little bit, I'll go back to tagging~ almost finished with 2007!


Jul. 24th, 2010 10:21 pm
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july is magical.

Ponyta get!

Oct. 9th, 2009 01:34 pm
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:D Last one I needed for the pan stickers... I think...
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the past two weeks have been pretty awesome for getting wants *o*

* CLEAR Ponyta Take Down kid ♥♥♥
* Ponyta Pokemon Time clear files ♥
* Rapidash pencil board! (big thank you to - I wasn't sure if it actually was a pencil board or not ^^)
* Purple Ponyta keshimon
* Darkrai DX Pokedoll (in a stroke of awesome, won at the starting price)
* Ponyta 151 badge ----- seriously, this and the Rapidash pin are grails ;~; and now I have one!
* Guren Town Badge Set (Blaine, Volcano Badge, Arcanine) (...again, for starting price!)
* French Rapidash cards: Jungle 1st Ed, Rocket 1st & Unlimited, and Stormfront~

I can't wait for this stuff to get here asdklfjhlkjsdhf *dies of happy*

posting from my phone, hope this doesn't screw up 8D; aaaaand... have to go through the CS box that arrived, but not sure when I'll have time - this week's been crazy busy, and it looks like next week will be the same.
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after a year and a half of searching

mine ♥


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