Dec. 11th, 2011

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you know, I'm kind of disappointed that there wasn't a bidwar for those oven mitts - mostly because I put in a crazy max bid, and partly because I didn't bid on the matching tin so I could throw all the monies at the oven mitts.

...but I'm going to enjoy those oven mitts. I LOVE THE WEIRD NON-PLUSH MERCH, OKAY?

and [ profile] marphoria suggested making pokedoll cupcakes. this sounds like a fantastic idea! I just don't know if it would be better to pipe/paint the designs onto the frosting, or use fondant to sculpt an edible pokedoll... I suppose that would depend on me finding a good fondant recipe (does anyone have/know one?). if all else fails, I can just make a cupcake cake and pipe/frost one pokedoll onto a field of cupcakes XD

I have messages/comment to reply to, so I leave you all with this:


99reddrifloons: Vince, the shiny vaporeon pokedoll. (Default)

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