Oct. 24th, 2011

99reddrifloons: (creepy pokekid | death note)
today I was reminded of why I don't shop at GameStop except for pre-order bonuses. went in to get my Rumble Blast, since October 24th is the announced release day. surprise, it's not! street release is tomorrow, October 25th.

but instead of politely informing me that the date had been changed, I was essentially told I was wrong/stupid and that had never been the release date, and that anyone with a copy of the game today had obviously gotten it through shady sources (because Amazon is totally shady - everyone I know who pre-ordered something that released today through there had it delivered today). that plus the general f-you attitude of the clerk was totally off-putting, and I'm seriously considering returning my copy the moment I pick it up tomorrow and buying it somewhere else like Target :/ that's not how you treat a customer, no matter how annoying/stupid you think they are.

bleh. I'm probably raging for no reason or something, but this pissed me off so much earlier. it feels like 95% of the time, GS employees are either douchebags or know nothing about whatever game I'm interested in (or are a wonderful combination of both those traits). the other 5% are great, but it's not worth the effort to find out if I'm lucky that particular day or not.


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