Aug. 31st, 2011

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Soooo it looks like I'm going back to WV for a week and a half, flying out on September 15. I really don't know why my uncle wanted to postpone the memorial service for so long (well, I do know, but waiting for your "friend with benefits" to fly across the country for moral support doesn't count in my book), but he's in charge of that so whatever. My dad's cousin/name twin is the executor of the estate and is already out there, making sure nobody takes things not left to them (or things "disappearing"! yay). Also fun - cousin got to tell my uncle that yes, if anyone contests part of the will, they automatically forfeit their portion This was put in to keep everyone fro fighting, but moreso to keep my uncle from asking for more money - he has very poor banking practices, and has "borrowed" around a million dollars from my grandparents over the years, all without holding any form of stable job. He was even fired from the family hotel.

ahaha, can you tell I don't like my uncle?

We have apparently inherited a super-fancy-expensive antique set of silverware, which is cool - they're handmade, and each is engraved with an "M" for Morgan. I've also got a ton (possibly literal) of iron horses waiting for me, since my grandmother left me the ones from her childhood and tracked down more from all over WV. I don't know/care much about other things that are allocated to us, but I do know I want to see about my grandmother's art. We spent countless hours drawing and painting and crafting together, which is one of the things I loved best about her. She could look at anything and see a hundred ways it was art, had her own gallery exhibit, and co-authored a book on trapunto quilting (I have one of the pieces featured in the book!). I dunno, it's just my way of remembering her, the same way my mom and I remember my grandma by collecting antique chicken memorabilia (my grandma grew up in a dirt-floored house before immigrating to the US, and her mother and aunt raised chickens).

blaaaaah. I've got so much to get ready before I go - fall promo with pumpkin spice and anniversary blend starts next week, and I've got to write both of our ingredient orders for the time I'm gone (I'm confident in my assistant's ability to scan/send an order, but she's only written one order with help before). I don't have to worry about scheduling while I'm gone, thankfully, since one of the Safeway assistant managers can do that. At least all of this sounds like less when I type it out?


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