Jul. 22nd, 2011

99reddrifloons: (robot keldeo attack | your blood will sp)
ugh =___= so tired. today was randomly a 23487132694876 times busier than it's been in... a month? something like that. our shipment came in minus the cool lime juice, and with a destroyed case of very berry hibiscus juice (that name is so ridiculous). so there was juice everywhere and nowhere, and we had to clean up, send an emergency order (we needed that juice!), and a credit request. everything else on the shipment was squished, mangled, and sticky, but useable :|

ANYWAY. I got to come home to a shiny new ponyta marble and a german rocket's ponyta ♥ so there's that.

also, sales post because I need more space in my room:

also also, I blame yukitsukihana for getting me all excited about card collecting again. I want to finish all my old sets, new sets, and get pretty binders/portfolios for them XD; but first, I need to organize and figure out what I'm missing (other than almost everything after Neo Discovery until Diamond & Pearl). except I don't want base set 2, because that set is a jerk.

...I'm going to take a nap now >>


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