Jun. 22nd, 2011

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soooo been in WV for like a week. my grandmother on my father's side passed away after long in-and-out periods in the hospital. there were two memorial services - one at the Old Stone Presbyterian Church, and one on a hilltop cemetery where we blew bubbles in her honor (my grandmother absolutely loved bubbles). lots of tears and laughter~ my favorite quote of hers is: "I can only keep an eye on one idiot at a time!"

family drama got old forever ago )

lmao and despite all that I still want to go back and intern at the family inn. \o/ the weather was nice while I was there, at least.

Eevees on a Plane!

I thiiiiink the only thing that managed to actually bother me while I was there was the fact that I couldn't check my email from my phone, but I could access facebook :/ but I'm back now, and the noppin invoice that I've been waiting on for two weeks is finally here and I can stop being paranoid that for some reason I didn't win/the item was lost in transit/double rainbows.

digging into emails/messages starting now!


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