Apr. 15th, 2011

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[that song forever in my head]


The past... month? or so I've spent either a) driving my sister and friends to and from rehearsals, performances, etc. for her drumline group, b) cleaning, cooking, etc. because my mom is busy angsting, or c) working/rehearsing. Sleeping and eating are definitely in there somewhere (maybe). Courtesy of the DDOS and my phone rage-hating on LJ, I haven't been on here much :/ To make things more wonderfundle, my paypal login info was compromised - I logged in to print address labels from my laptop for shipping, found that the printer had decided to hate me again (for some reason, it's a 50-50 chance for things to print correctly when printing wireless). So I logged in on my mom's computer, since that's the one with a direct connection to the printer... and discovered after I logged in that my mom had managed to install not one, not two, but three browser-hijacking add-ons to Firefox. Yaaaaaay. But thankfully I'd noticed and was able to change my info as well as remove all the nastiness =___= Better than my dad, who managed to kill his one-year-old laptop last week.

blah )

Collection stuff... Lost a ponyta picture frame since I missed the end of the ebay auction ;A; but! Came back to LJ in time to win a deoxys pokedoll notebook (completely adorable), and sent an email with all the search terms I need for y!j (my phone won't let me install japanese fonts?) so I was able to find and win this beauty, which I'm still in awe over. I swear, I spent half the day logging in to Noppin to affirm the fact that I'd indeed won.
(I don't suppose any Keldeo merchandise has been announced?)

This would be longer, but I'm pretty much exhausted - I spend my 'free time' catching up on sleep. Ending this entry with my current party on VDex, the only game/website I've used more than a few times during my long absence.


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