Mar. 18th, 2011

99reddrifloons: (happiest rapidash)
so I did get the flu after all for the first time in a few years >> but I'm better now, and working on my play-through on white. I just can't decide who I want on my team.

current party:
Luchador the Pignite
Lyvita the Liepard
Ackward the Tympole
Metroid the Munna
Elvira the Woobat <--- aaah, two psychics. DILEMMA.
Bandito the Blitzle

in the PC at the moment:
br0colli the Pansage
Dix the Sandile
Sharpei the Scraggy
roll the Roggenrola
Faaabulous the Timburr
McNugget the Darumaka
Pidge the Pidove
Clove the Petili
Xo the Herdier
Behemoth the Venipede
Esme the Sewaddle
Nee the Sawk
Five the Throh
Tabunne the Audino
Patrat, who did not get a nickname
(and some others I can't remember)

I got a few things in the mail during all of that, and need to send out stuff ;o; tomorrow I'm going to the tour, however, even though my friends who were supposed to come with me wound up getting scheduled at work. maybe I can talk one of them into coming along later~

Tortilla the Emboar pokedoll
blitzle, whimsicott and snotbear pokedolls
pokedoll stickers!
pokedoll spiral notepad
lucario pokedoll figure keychain
2006 pokedoll drawstring bag ♥
custom walky rapidash charm from tomokii
pikachu not-a-pokedoll

also a uni plush that one of my coworkers won for me out of a vending machine XD I didn't even realize it was a neopets plush until I saw the tush tag, since there wasn't a hangtag (came off in the machine).

lastly, I can't decide what plush to bring with me. Vince of course, but I am also considering Keldeo, Luna Lovegood (Chandelure), and Tortilla (he's so fat and I love him XD). I have a feeling it'll be Keldeo, but he's so big I'm not sure :x ANYWAY, SO EXCITED!


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